Aiisha in Desert Fish Magazine

It was interesting to be at the Galeries Lafayette fashion show and have my hand on Desert Fish which had the below full page:

Aiisha Ramadan in Desert Fish

In terms of content, again, I speak my mind about fashion in Dubai and how it should and can get better.

Aiisha Ramadan

I won’t talk much about fashion
week, exhibitions and buyers because
the problem in all of them are related
to a single core and to one another. The
entire concept of fashion weeks and
exhibitions in the UAE is new (4 –
5 years in not old enough) and has
been based on wrong foundations
in some ways and has had plenty of
great potential in a handful of ways.

I believe that the core is all down to
when we form a fashion designers
organization that would regulate, set
standards and look after its members,
only then the UAE fashion will take a
very different path. With that comes
an education to the society to
appreciate and being proud of their
designers. It’s a mentality change
that we have to build and lead in order for us to
break from the routine of the domination of
the international brands from Chanel to H&M.
Eventually, the UAE will develop an identity
of which it will be known for.
When the identity is strong enough,
clear and unique in its own way,
only then the UAE fashion can invade the world.

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