Meeting Dominique Laporte (Evian)

Evian hosted the first water tasting event in the region with Dominique Laporte, who is the best Sommelier in France. The weather was fantastic as the event took place on the ‘O’ De Squisito boat at the creek in Dubai.

EVIAN Team and Aiisha Ramadan

EVIAN Team and Aiisha Ramadan

When it comes to water, I’m a heavy drinker. Don’t know if its the heat of the UAE or maybe a biological thing, but water is my best friend. I’m like a fish!

I learned a lot about water that day, I never knew that still water prepares the palate to receive food and sparkling makes the taste brighter. We identified interesting characteristics of different brands when Monsieur Dominique let us taste unlabeled glasses of water, by tasting the water or after sampling some food. It was really an interesting experience!

I later figured out that Evian was my water of choice, as I chose it from an unlabeled glass.


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