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If you have been visiting this blog using your iPhone or Android powered Smartphones, you would know that the blog is optimized for mobile since its birth, and now its iPad ready as well.

Aiisha's Blog on iPhone

With the introduction of a great OVI App Wizard from Nokia, Aiisha’s Blog is now a mobile app on Nokia OVI. Aiisha on OVI If you use a Nokia device, go to your OVI store and download the application (Most latest Nokia Phones) or the widget (Nokia X6 / N97 /Mini) and stay updated. The application keeps you up-to-date on the blog news and Aiisha’s twitter feeds @aiisharamadan, with videos and pictures.

Aiisha on OVI store has been a great success with more than 2000 downloads in 7 days, that’s a lot of brand exposure in a little time, Nokia really did a great job simplifying App development to gain wider audience in no time, this practice can be improved as well.

We will improve our mobile presence soon releasing a full fledged iPhone application as well, with more features.

Stay Fashionably Mobile

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