Braun Satin Hair Brush with Iontec

Braun Satin Hair Brush Iontec

What’s Iontec???

That was the first thing that came to my mind. I actually took a shower and tried to comb my hair with it waiting for the magic. Clearly, none appeared. So when I came across an expert who knew more about this new innovation, she explained that when the hair is mostly or fully dry, use Braun Satin Hair Brush with Iontec to comb your hair.

In fact, make it your only brush to use as it doesn’t only provide gentle brushing, but most importantly protects your hair from potential or existing damage. IONTEC is a unique technology which is specifically designed to protect the health of your hair. The uniquely designed green ion jet releases millions of satin ions proven effectively onto your hair. These satin ions immediately begin to reduce static and friction to instantly restore you hair’s shine and smoothness.

So when (like most people) I brush my hair, due to its softness and thinness, it becomes static and looks like anything but well done.. that until I have to contineously run my hands over it several times.

I took the notes, and combed my hair everyday with the Satin Hair™ brush that has truly provided me with instant benefits very much like a conditioner. It effectively tames frizz and flying hair for tangible smoothness compared to brushes without leading IONTEC. That alone, reveals the healthiness of my hair via a radiant shine.

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12 thoughts on “Braun Satin Hair Brush with Iontec

  1. hello,

    I would like to know how does the iontec brush work, with electricity or with battery? How could I clean it after each use?

  2. Where did you purchase it? I want to buy my wife the brush and flat iron for her birthday but no place seems to carry them, even online.


  3. If you’re in the UAE, then you can in Carrefour, Sharaf DG, Ibn Sina pharmacy, and other supermarkets too

    If you’re outside the UAE, I’d recommend trying out the pharmacies.

  4. I am planning to buy for my wife. I am residing in saudi. what is the approx cost for this brush and where can i find this mam.

  5. hi , after you use it , do you need to straighten your hair , or the brush is all you need.

  6. You can buy it online from Canada at this website:

    They also have a wonderful straightener that I purchased. Its pure ceramic and dual voltage with digital temperature control. My wife loves it and we purchased some more to give as gifts. I think they also ship internationally so you can try.

    Braun products generally are slightly expensive but worth that extra money as they are really very good quality and last almost for years.


  7. The brush doesn’t act as a substitute to the straightners. Its simply a healthy method to brush your hair

  8. i just saw the braun straightner & hair brush. i just wanna to know whether their will be any hair damage . pls reply asap
    thank u

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