Rima.. Beirut’s Bride

Those who know me, know that I’m not a fan of big weddings. For me, the perfect wedding is that where I have around me those I love dearly and love me back. The perfect wedding is not about the loud music and sweating from dancing. Its about sharing a beautiful moment with your sober husband in a sober crowd and having good food that won’t be thrown away. But that’s just me.

Rima’s.. Like a flower

The title of her email was: Thanks Aiisha, it was all about the dress!!

When I saw the pictures, I understood. I was overwhelmed..

When she first called asking for a custom-made wedding dress, I couldn’t help but be inspired by her passion. Her story on how she met her husband, now, captured me. I began telling it to everybody around me. She didn’t want any crystals or beading. All she wanted was to be herself in her most beautiful status – like the princess of her day – and she did well.

Rima in the Old Beirut

As she swayed in her white dress with pink insertions, she waited leaning over a wall in the middle of old Beirut, saying goodbye to years away from her soulmate.. welcoming a new life where she holds his hand every step of the way.

Rima’s message to the world:

So you are born and then as soon as you can walk and talk, you start dreaming about the white dress. Long story very short, I met Aiisha and explained to her what I wanted as a wedding dress. Stitch by Stitch, with all the uncertainties and worries I had that maybe something would go wrong, the most beautiful dress was then delivered to me, right on time.

Hand freighted to Lebanon, I proudly wondered in the streets of the Beirut down town where whispers, camera flashes and clapping surrounded me. I even had small girls in school uniforms wanting to take a picture with me. It was just perfect; better than I imagined.

What’s more important, I’ve never seen the look in my husband’s eyes the moment I walked out of my houses’s gate to marry him.

Thank you Aiisha. Thank you thank you!
Rima Wehbe

Together.. Forever

Mabrouk Rima.. you made me proud

Photos used by permission from Rima Wehbe

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