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For those familiar with the Arab Media, Zahrat Al Khaleej magazine is one of the top 3 in the GCC. The team behind Zahrat Al Khaleej has come together to extend their vision into an Arabic only website under the name of Ana Zahra. Incidentally, Ana Zahra means (I’m a flower). The website will be under

It will be covering lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Contributers will be from Paris, Saudi Arabia, Beirut, and of course the UAE.

A few months ago, I was approached by Zoya Sakr, most likely the tallest lady I’ve ever met. But also one of the finest, most elegant and has some mystery in her eyes. She observes a lot.. she appreciates well.

After hearing about my lifestyle and all that I do, I was immediately categorized as one of their Inspirational Women and was requested to write my diaries to Ana Zahra.

Aiisha Contributes to Ana Zahra

The challenge to me was to write in Arabic. I “was” the top student in high school with my Arabic, but that kind of evaporated  throughout the years for the lack of practice. However, when I started writing, it all started flooding. I had a style in writing. Its easy yet deep. At least thats how I like to think about it. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

The first few articles will be more like an introduction and talking about my history on how I got into Fashion, talking about each collection, what was behind it and what it meant to me, my styling career and lots about my family.

Its about my personal fashion oriented life.

My policy was to delete as less as possible. Just let it out, be myself and within the borders of respecting the public.

Experts and contributors will include the likes of Joelle Mardinian, who looked stunning wearing one of my Love Affair dresses at our group photoshoot. I’ll write a separate blog about that.

For now, I’d like to thank Zoya, Ana Zahra Team, my family and all of those who have supported me.

Do check out and I really hope you’ll enjoy it.

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