Simone Heng wears Aiisha for Pink Pepper

4 words:

She made me proud!

When you meet Simone Heng after speaking to her on the phone, you smile immediately. Her voice is bigger than her petite figure. Her beauty is pure. Her personality is embraced by her honesty and the positive vibes she brings to any place she steps into.

Simone is a Radio and TV presenter and previously a model.

When it comes to Simone’s style, its sexy funky. Long dresses may drag her down if they didn’t come in smartly assorted colors and with minimum volume. However, short dresses pay her a tribute. She can wear a lot of color combinations, with or without belts, puffy or tight.. it all works.

In the below photo taken by Pink Pepper, Simone is wearing one of the Aiisha Barbie Dresses that also took its course on the runway at the Love Affair fashion show. It was one of the smallest pieces on the runway and it looked like it was custom-made for Simone. The gradient pink and fuchsia degrees compliment her skin tone.

Simone Heng wearing Aiisha Ramadan for Pink pepper

In fact, on the big bow on the back of the dress were some silver thread embroidery shaping some Arabic Calligraphy. The words meant Play, Laugh, Live and Love. In the project for Barbie, they were supposed to be simple messages to a generation fascinated by Barbie. For me, Simone did this dress justice.

Thank you Simone

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