South France and Paris – Part 3

Since I plan to visit Paris in January 2011 during the Paris Fashion Week, I thought that I should post the last post of my series about my summer trip to South of France and Paris.

It’s highly agreed on that fashion was born in the French capital Paris. When thinking about the International brands in the Fashion world, its Dior and Chanel top the list and indeed they are carved in the French presence. I don’t exaggerate when I say that there’s a woman with an LV or an Hermes every 5 meters. Whether in a sunny Nice or in the aristocratic Monaco or the stylish Paris, fashion floats on the roads and is the air that people breathe.

To buy the blush version of an LV Alma, I had to reserve the only remaining piece in France from Monaco 2 weeks before I reached Paris.

Louis Vuitton Alma - Blush

As for the Lancel – Brigitte Bordeaux edition, I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it. So I requested it in cream with gold before I left Paris and I felt a great joy when I received it in Dubai.

Lancel window display in Paris

Lancel Brigitte Bardot Edition

In St Tropez I had 2 special moments besides any others. The first was when I saw a lady wearing one of my dresses from the Valentine collection that sold at Galeries Lafayette Dubai. The second was when I visited one of my friends at her home in St Tropez. I was greeted by her daughter, Noor, wearing a dress that I made for her.

Noor, the first young girl to wear an Aiisha dress

Normally I do not design for children, but this child specifically wanted to look like her stylish mother, so I made them the same design for each. Noor also has a beautiful taste and we seem to always agree on the colors. Recently in December, I made her birthday dress with the theme being “Princess”. Needless to say how gorgeous she looked and always looks.

Brigitte Bardot ballerina dresses

I loved that in France International brands and local brands can be found to satisfy the different tastes and budgets. However, some people still live in the la la land where logic is not part of their dictionary. For example, in Nice when while wandering the Antique market on a Saturday, one of the sellers was displaying a used Hermes paper bag for 24 euros. Until this moment I could not understand what was going on that lady’s head and what were her sales expectations.

My favorite part was shopping for couture fabrics from Nice. It was a beautiful experience and everytime I’m in a fabric store, I feel like Alice in Wonderland!

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