Aiisha in Grazia Magazine.. The birth of a new project

Just before I left to Paris 6 weeks ago, Grazia Magazine supplied me amongst few other designers with a straight forward Little Black Dress from H&M worth 49 Dhs (13 USD) to transform for under 100 Dhs (27 USD) worth of materials.

I love changing existing designs. Since I was young, I used to get basic garments such as a denim pair of jeans and have it altered to fit me and my out of proportion hips. I also love playing around with my dresses, adding trims to them and maneuvering their lengths.

I had about 1 week to get the work done just before I left and get the photoshoot done with me wearing the dress.

I split my my thinking into 3:

– What suits Aiisha’s rounded figure

– Material used has to be under 100 Dhs (27 USD)

– The work I’ll propose shouldn’t take more than 5 days.

I hated the neckline of the given black dress. It was rounded in a funny way where it was neither revealing nor high and elegant, so I changed it. I added some tulle flowers with pearls and black crystals from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to accentuate my shoulders. Finally, I draped a piece of black jersey around the lower hips in order to make my waist appear smaller. I kept it short from the front to show more of my Manolo’s. I generally went for the rock chic appeal and it rocked!

Before and After…

The Little Black Dress BEFORE and AFTER..

Front and Back after makeover

My days were crazy as I was on my way to attending the Paris Fashion Week and my entire schedule for the past few weeks was jammed. My makeup prior the photoshoot took literally 20 minutes and my hair took a similar time and looked so beautiful and fresh. I used my Braun Satin Hair 7 Airstyler with IONTEC. You remember my Braun brush with the IONTEC technology? It’s basically my every day brush to make my hair healthier. Braun answered my prayers and made a styling brush with the same technology.

It releases heat in a gentle way. Whereas in most of the salons, I have to constantly ask the hair stylist to keep the blow dryer away from my hair as it kills it. On the other hand, my new favorite Braun gadget provides me style and care at home in less than half an hour!

Here’s Grazia photoshoot results:

LBD project by Grazia Magazine ME 1

LBD project by Grazia Magazine ME 2

Thank you Grazia for the beautiful shoot (especially Elaine Greenshields) & thank you Braun for taking care of my hair!

On a separate note, I’ve been thinking for a very long time to dedicate part of a my blog for the dress makeover project where you may send me your used or, preferably, new clothes along with your budget to change them for you. The changes may be major or minor.

Its still an idea as I’m very busy and my atelier is usually over swamped. Having said that, I’d like to give it a try. So feel free to contact me anytime you’d like to experiment with your clothes.

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