Paris Fashion Week 2011 – John Galliano (Homme)

My third show to attend at the Paris Fashion Week 2011 end of January was for John Galliano Homme, which took place at the Ecole de Medicine. I had a first row seat and I enjoyed every bit of the show. Or should I say of the theatrical act I saw? It was insane. The music, the decoration, the model’s presentations.. all of it was simply great!

Galliano’s collection was inspired by the Russian ballerinus Rudolf Nureyev who was a Tartar where the clothes reflected the Barbaric lifestyle. With a Russian pianist playing live, the models showcased big coats, military jackets as well as tightly tailored pantsuits. The makeup and setting reflected how Galliano saw Rudie in his eyes.

I constantly bumped into River Viiper, who’s real fun and nice and Joan Pedrola, quite serious. Both are very young.

Here are some photos from my experience

Aiisha with River Viiperi and Joan Pedrola

Aiisha with Joan Pedrola

Galliano Runway

Aiisha on Galliano Front Row

Below is a glimpse on what the collection looked like.

Then there was this extremely VIP room for very selected people and press to enter it and meet the designer, John Galliano. I was very surprised with how thin he is in real life. Check out his hat

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2 thoughts on “Paris Fashion Week 2011 – John Galliano (Homme)

  1. so, wait, he was fired from CD by then, right? but he made appearance for his own line?
    i was looking forward to this post, btw. mainly for gossip-y reasons 🙂

    p.s. rudolph nureev was genius dancer. i remember seeing him very-very frail on tv; he died from AIDS.

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