Paris Fashion Week 2011 – Georges Chakra

The first womens Couture fashion show I ever watched during the Paris Fashion Week 2011 was for Georges Chakra at the Palais de Tokyo. Its worth mentioning that just before the show started I had a chance to view a very exclusive and one-on-one presentation for the latest Chanel  J12 Chromatic watch. All in all, it was sensational. Very black and white.

I had to wrap up quickly and go to the backstage of Georges Chakra fashion show. I was fascinated by the generosity that Chakra loads in his creations. I have to say that it was my favorite show during the entire Paris Fashion Week. There’s so much regal and fresh feel to it all in one.

His inspiration was like most of the Lebanese designers, nature and flowers. That brought to my attention how the European designers were mostly inspired by certain characters. My favorite pieces involved a short fully CRYSTALLIZED by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS dress and an coral/orange dress with a fully beaded tulle tight pants. Marvelous pieces. Yes, fully bling bling but in the most elegant way.

There was a tiny incident I enjoyed, that was when Mr. George Chakra was gonna have an interview with a TV station and he asked me to hold his telephone till he’s done. About 15 minutes later, his phone was ringing, and thats when I noticed that he’s forgotten his mobile with me!

On a separate note, a lot of people ask why are George Chakra’s creations so expensive. If you meet him and his staff, you’d be embraced with class and elegance. That alone makes you fall in love with the people behind the brand. But of course comes his beautiful designs, generosity in materials and crystals and a very fine end product. People, art is invaluable!

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