UNICEF & Pampers® CSR campaign – MNT elimination

This post is for a good cause, please consider reading it, and contribute towards its cause.


Maternal and Neonatal (newborn) Tetanus is a deadly disease that can be easily eliminated through 5 simple vaccines that will ensure both the mother and her unborn child are immune for life. Most of us in the GCC are privileged in having top notch medical facilities, that something as serious as Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus became something of the past. It is never thought of, rarely talked about nor discussed as we are automatically vaccinated against it from birth. We only hear about ‘Tetanus’ when we are cut by glass or step on rusted metal. Unfortunately, this is not the case in some of our Arab neighboring country, such as Yemen, and Africa.

Pampers and UNICEF have joined hands to eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus through the Pampers UNICEF Campaign “1 Pack = 1 Life Saving Vaccine”


This is a disease that does not need research to eliminate. This is a disease WE CAN eliminate.

Please join the efforts in spreading awareness on the campaign and reaching the target of contributing 5 million vaccines to those in need.

This campaign’s ambassador is Muna AbuSulayman, a leading presenter on MBC TV and a role model who I highly respect and love. The beautiful Salma Hayek, has also joined this great cause a while ago.

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