Paris Fashion Week – Elie Saab 2011

In the spirit of the Paris Fashion Week, and although its long over due, I wanted to share my experience at the Elie Saab fashion show at the Trocadero, Paris end of January 2011.

Catwalk before the start of the show

It was typical Elie Saab style with emphasis on the waist and an introduction to a interesting color palette such as deep lipstick red, dove grey inspired by the almond flower white, light peach.

Below are some of my favorite pieces

Here is some of what I captured from the backstage (so much tension)!

Elie Saab (Backstage)

Lili Ji, Aiisha & Lela Rose


Magdalena Frackowiak and Aiisha

Celebrities from the Middle East were heavily present. Nancy Ajram, pregnant at the time, Elissa, Youssra and Mohieb Dahabieh were some of the invitees.





After the show, I was invited to dinner at Elie Saab’s fashion house, where all the celebrities were, Vogue and editors. However, the highlight of my night was bumping into Cameron Diaz and later on Stephan Roland





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  1. What a memorable day for you! Youssra looks to die for. I always thought that Lela Rose was a designer from Dallas, Texas, whose daddy owns whole bunch of car dealerships.

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