The first ever 3D Virtual Fashion Show

A couple of months back, Procter & Gamble approached me for the first of its kind event in the world. The unique first EVER 3D Virtual Fashion Show to showcase a capsule from my upcoming collection “Le Pouvoir de la Poudre – The Power of Powder” as part of the main event star: Ariel 3D! Note that my collection’s name had already been set a while before this opportunity knocked my door as it was inspired by powder tones and the Côte d’Azur reflecting romantic yet powerful cuts.

I immediately said Yes! The hard part was keeping it a secret, but I did!

June Ambrose & Aiisha Ramadan

With Ariel goes deeper to make 3D history being the theme and inspired by the 3D revolution, Ariel is bringing real 3D innovation to the world of Fabrics and Fashion. Ariel scientists have used patented 3D tools and technology to gain a deeper understanding into fabrics, fibers, and stains, and have now developed a new deep cleaning formula; that penetrates deep into the layers to extract stains.

More than 150 people from more than 27 countries, most of them press and some celebrities such as Boy Abunda and Manish Malhotra, came together to be a part of Ariel’s global launch event. The event has already been mentioned in Forbes Magazine and Women’s Wear Daily.

With Ariel being pioneers in their own field, they extended their leadership to the first ever 3D Virtual Fashion Show produced by local company AIR, showcasing few pieces from my Couture collection and hosted by Hollywood celebrity stylist June Ambrose, who flew in from New York to be part of this special event wearing an AIISHA orange dress from the Love Affair collection. Everything in the fashion show was virtual and animated from the catwalk, to the models and myself greeting people on the runway, as well as the virtual kisses and rose petals, which took the viewers by surprise. These elements created depth and excitement.

June Ambrose and Aiisha Ramadan

Colorful 3D Glasses

Another highlight of the event was the 3D Projection Mapping of Ariel in collaboration with LG portraying the ‘Deepest Cleaning Test’ on a large building in a construction site in downtown Dubai produced by Muse Amsterdam. The “Deep Cleaning Test” stained the building with life-like forces of nature and pollution, then “cleaned” it like new.

I only work with brands I believe in. To prove how effective this new technology is, I accidentally got my jersey silk powder pink dress smudged with some Teriyaki sauce and black marks spread out (in the middle of the event) . Naturally I freaked out, but it was caught on camera how I got them off using Ariel 3D Microboosters! The product worked like a charm cleaning the stains preserving my delicate garment.

Many would wonder why Ariel collaborated with a Couture brand? Its simple. Even Couture needs to be cleaned and I choose to take the matters by hand!


The AIISHA collection presented at this fashion show will be officially launched in October in the UAE and in other parts of the world. Stay tuned as this is the dearest collection to my heart!


AIR, P&G and H&K - Some of many brains behind the event


I’d like to thank everybody who worked on this event and topping the list: P&G for their continuous support, H&K for a great opportunity, AIR for their first ever 3D production in the Middle East and June Ambrose for changing my life in a matter of few days.

More coverage of this unique event, including the video, soon.


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