AIISHA guest designer on New Zealand’s Next Top Model

A couple of months back, I was invited to feature part of my latest collection (Le Pouvoir de la Poudre, which is due to launch soon) on New Zealand’s Next Top Model which has aired this Friday the 19th of August. The girls and I weren’t allowed to meet or talk till the moment we started recording. At that time, I had to pick a dress for each model and if it didnt fit, that’s it, she’s out! I thought that it was a bit harsh considering that not every dress works on the professional models we work with. Each has a different body type and thats the beauty of it.

Anyways, luckily all wore the dresses (pfewww!!) but AJ’s dress in particular was a bit tight on her, which I believe didn’t help her walk properly. Still, she could’ve done a better job with the face expression. In the end, its the model’s job to make our pieces look even better.

AJ (Asher-Jayne)

Because here in the UAE we have no access to watching the program, I had little understanding on its background and of the girls. So I gave them a truly constructive criticism. If they listen and do by my advise, all top 5 have a chance to make it because each of them has at least one incredible gift.

Behind the scenes AIISHA collection set

The winner of my challenge was Rosanagh. Although she’s the shortest, she walked the most comfortably and she has sharp features, which I love. My second favorites were equally Brigitte and Issy.


Those three will make a great modeling career if they keep practicing and boosting their confidence. Brigitte in particular needs to work on her catwalk characters and loosen up a little bit, then she’ll be perfect. In the end, designers prefer the most diverse models. Issy will go far in the modeling world with bolder looks.

Behind the scenes with Brigitte


Behind the scenes with Issy

Bianca had a very special look, which I admired in her photos. However, her catwalk skills are very weak and need plenty of practice. Same with AJ. Those 2 have a very strong presence in photographs and thats great if that’s the only thing they want to keep doing.

Behind the scenes with Bianca


My advise for all the top 5 models was to keep practicing and possibly learn some belly dancing. It will release some of that stiffness.

Meet the Top 5

The final photograph taken on Yas Links Golf Club was sensational! Rosanagh, Brigitte and Izzy made me so proud. Brigitte kept me staring at her legs standing like a ballerina not shaking an inch! Do you understand how difficult it is to stand gracefully on the tip of your feet without looking in pain and without shaking? Not anybody can pull that off! It looked so effortless!

Finalists from New Zealand Next Top Models wear AIISHA

It was later on that I learned that these are very young and inexperienced girls. Had I known beforehand, I might have been a little softer with my comments. But what the heck.. I only got better after professionals in the fashion industry butchered me – not because they didn’t like me, but because they believed I had what it takes and gave me plain constructive criticsm to get me on my feet.

Getting ready for the winners photoshoot

Rosanagh, Brigitte, Colin, myself & Issy

The highlight of this experience? Working with the passionate and amazing Colin Mathura-Jeffree. He’s so down to Earth, SO HOT and he knows his stuff! I loved him and I enjoyed every second working with him.

Behind the scenes: Colin & myself

I met Sara Tetro briefly and in this half an hour the first thing that hit me was how elegant she is.. What a refined lady!


Chris Sisarich on the other hand was the boy everybody drooled over and I can see why. And btw, his photography work is Un-Believably good!


Thank you to New Zealand’s Next Top Model team, the 5 models for being so lovely, my friend Victoria Lelandais for her support, Yas Links Golf Course and Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) for such a beautiful location!

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