Nokia N9 (Gadgets I Like)

As a designer, I appreciate a good design, and as I mentioned before, I got a thing for a good product or industrial design, whether its a building, a car or in this case a mobile phone.

N9 Trio Colors
Magenta, Cyan and Key Black

For close to 2 months now I have been using Nokia’s N9 mobile phone, and the more I use it, the more I fall in love with it.

This blog post is definitely not another review of the N9, as I’m positive that professional reviewers and enthusiasts of the brand already covered all aspects of this device, myself I will only cover it from my own perspective and how it relates to me.

1st Impression

When I was first introduced to the N9 by a Nokia representative before the launch date, I thought she was showing me a dummy phone with a bright screen, I actually remember trying to ‘peel’ off the icons because they looked so vivid, I couldn’t believe it was real, then I was informed about the Nokia ClearBlack screen, which makes the color so bright as the black in the screen is actually black.

Free Your Sight

At the N9 launch event held few months back, I enjoyed Marko Ahtisaari (VP of Design at Nokia) analogy when he mentioned that the industrial design concept behind the N9 (and later Nokia Lumia 800) was to free your sight, yes you heard it right, by introducing the Swipe menus, you know the outcome and there’s no room for guessing, you can swipe and look at life not the phone.

The way you organically swipe, is a true experience, edge to edge swiping, keeping everything easy when you multitask, it is liberating.

The design on the N9 is streamlined in a way you feel like it belongs to your hand, and Nokia realized that fact and they already recycled the design or shared it for that fact with another flagship device, their first Windows Mobile, the Lumia 800.

Marko Ahtisaari
Marko Ahtisaari and Aiisha

In my line of work, I have to be connected, and I am updating my status as long as I’m awake, and I have two trusted devices for that, the N9 is one of them. Those who know me, they know that we have in our little household all the latest and greatest devices, and yet I chose the N9, some suggested negatively that the Operating System (MeeGo) is and will only be available on the N9, and that reaffirm that this is why I should keep using the N9, because of its uniqueness and exclusivity, the OS is so intuitive and easy to use, it is a muscle car engine on a beautiful an elegant chassis, plus it is the last Nokia phone from the N-Series.

Aiisha & Nokia

Myself and Nokia we go far back, we partnered few times with my fashion line, but that’s not the only reason why I stay loyal to the brand, I have trusted Nokia since I started using mobile phones, and this never failed me, and that’s why I decided to have my first Mobile App released on Nokia Store.

Even though many would argue, but I like my music on the N9, because I enjoy the freedom of adding music without syncing with my PC, freedom is vital in design.

I like my N9 because it keeps me in the know with its alerts, I like it because it takes beautiful photos, I like it for the free navigation software, I like it for Angry Birds, I like it for its NFC capabilities (pairing with Play 360° Speakers), I like it for many other reasons but most of all, because it goes well with my Furla Candy bag.

Furla Candy Bag & Nokia N9

Nokia and Furla integrated

Magnificent N9 ad featuring Fan Bingbing

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