Aiisha – Ambassador for WELLA!

For as long as I can remember people around and kids at school loved my hair, which made me feel that my hair is my tiara. So I took good care of it and I only used the best products around. When WELLA approached me to become the ambassador of their WELLA Koleston Color-Intense Foam range, I was thrilled! It felt like a childhood dream came true, without even asking for it.

AIISHA for WELLA Koleston Color-Intense Foam

Attached are the press releases and photos of my before and after photos as I used a beautiful chocolate Medium Ash Blonde color 7/1 and I couldn’t be happier with my hair. This range was a perfect match for me because its suitable for practical women who don’t have much time for the hair coloring process and especially to clean the dye’s mess. With WELLA Koleston Color-Intense Foam, you have one less mess to worry about!
We’ve posted 4 looks combining my latest creations with 4 different hair shades using WELLA Koleston Color-Intense Foam on Sayidaty online Magazine. Vote for your favorite look and win some jewelry! Click on Sayidaty and vote!
First Look:
Second Look:
Third Look:
Fourth Look:

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