Aiisha in FACES Campaign

In a one of its kind campaign in the Arab world, FACES, the perfume and cosmetics store, chose me as one of nine women reflecting the passion and beauty.

Aiisha-Ramadan for FACES

In my opinion, beauty eases our lives, but it is not a criteria for true and lasting success. Success requires a lot of passion and faith in our principles and sleepless nights. True happiness lies in giving our best and being content with what we have. Do not let competition lure you away from your role real. Neither should you take competition lightly. Always balance.

Like I said, I was one of 9 amazing women who are stars in their own fields, such as beauty expert Samira Olfat, car racer Nahla Al Rostamani and brilliant filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja

Samira-Olfat for FACES

Nayla-Al-Khaja for FACES

My life without passion is like my heart with no pulse.
Thanks to Charney Magri for these beautiful photographs and a BIG THANK YOU to FACES for supporting real and lasting beauty, the beauty of the soul.

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