FACES Makeup Competition on MBC TV – 1st Challenge

The first week’s challenge on FACES makeup competition on MBC TV “Sabah Alkheir Ya Arab” program was about the “Dreamy bride”.

As one of the 3 judges, I’ll be sharing with you my views on looks by the makeup artists. For me, the below were the top looks by Lina Hussein and Risllene.


Lina gave me a glow in the model’s face by emphasizing on the eyes and contouring the face in such a magical way. It was my favorite look by far.


Risllene seems to be the one who understood the “Dreamy Bridal” message that we were trying to get out of this competition. She had beautiful and clean complexion, and overall her makeup was very dreamy.

Makeup by Risellene

Makeup by Risellene

The rest of the contestants, such as Ange, Lina Zoghaib and Hadjira, also gave a beautiful results. Unfortunately, each week, one makeup artist will be eliminated. This week’s challenge resulted in Rasha being eliminated. Hard luck for Rasha.

Makeup by Rasha

Makeup by Rasha

This challenge also shed the light on 2 looks that I thought could have been perfect. Namariq went oriental which I didn’t mind. It was the red lipstick that killed it for me not just because red isn’t dreamy at all, but because the model’s lips were too thin and dark red lips will make them look even thinner.

Makeup by Namareq

Makeup by Namariq

As for Raffle, everything was perfect until she drew the flowers on the model’s face. It was definitely dreamy and its good for each artist to have her own identity, but she has to ask herself if a real bride will actually want drawings on her face. Apart from that it was a really beautiful makeup.

Makeup by Raffle

Makeup by Raffle

Next week’s challenge is not an easy one, its the “Mysterious Arabic” with blue being the main ingredient of the color palette.

Good luck all!

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