After what felt like a month out of town, I have finally returned back home from an 8-day incredibly packed trip in the amazing Thailand where I was invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand along with 6 gorgeous ladies to discover Thailand, a country of heritage, culture and natural beauty.

When one says “Thailand”, the first thing I imagine is a smile. It is not just a country that excels at hospitality, but I believe that its women occupy some of the most graceful manners in our modern times. At least, this is what I felt in the north where I was.

In a nut shell, I felt that both Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai where more family oriented, where I had a peaceful sense all through my stay there. Everything is on slow mode, nature surrounds from everywhere, and smiles greet you all through the day. In short, it was a true relaxation to my mind and spirit, despite the busy schedule.

My schedule was fully packed in Chiang Mai and so I had limited time to pamper myself. For that, the minimum that my beauty regime included were the Shiseido ULTIMUNE for face, the ULTIMUNE EYE and the UV Protection Compact Foundation SPF 36 (Medium Ivory) because though Chiang Mai is in the north enjoys a cooler weather than the south, the sun can get very strong.


I also traveled in style with my perfect ALDO gladiator sandals and backpack from the most recent AW15 collection. The cognac faux leather suited most of my clothes and most of all the spirit of Chiang Mai, which combines elegance and comfort all at once.


This post is dedicated to my favorite things in Chiang Mai.

RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort

I was hosted by the beautiful 5 star hotel RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort where I instantly felt at home. Its intimate interior made a beautiful combo with the nature surrounding the resort. I particularly fell in love with the open pool and the fitness club that overlooks the garden and the spa. At the spa, I had one of my favorite treatments to date, their signature treatment The Rose of RatiLanna body scrub and massage. This is where I learned that roses are good for the heart and its blood circulation, which is why they are associated with love.

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On my first evening, I was taken to a Khum Khantoke where I tried exotic Thai food for the very first time. By exotic, I mean friend banana and spicy eggplants. Each dish was truly delicious and an adventure for me. The restaurant was a celebration of Thai music and dances, all the Chiang Mai style.

Mae Taeng Elephant Camp

Visiting Mae Taeng Elephant Camp was probably the highlight of my trip to Chiang Mai where I was stunned by the elephants incredible intelligence and talent in painting. Riding the elephant; however, is a lot scarier than it looks especially as they go up and down the hills. I was scared and thankfully had my guide to grab onto her arm. I also got a chance to enjoy riding the bamboo boats and simply chill in the nature while having a serious tan from the direct sun light.

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Sibsan Resort and Spa Maetaeng

On my second day I had lunch at La Trompe Cuisine located at one of the most beautiful resorts I’ve ever seen, Sibsan Resort and Spa Maetaeng where I had the most delicious meal and which later become a “rain soup” because I insisted on enjoying my lunch in the pouring rain. Still, it was one of my favorite moments in Chiang Mai!

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In the evenings, I took a tour down the night bazaar and couldn’t resist shopping what I thought was too exotic to be found in Dubai, despite its simplicity. The next morning just before heading off to Chiang Rai, we made a long stop at the fabric market, my second blood. I brought with me back home samples of the most beautiful multi-colored cottons and silks. I even got some tailored in Chiang Rai!

That’s called addicition


To be continued..

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