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Following Chiang Mai and Chiang Ria, my trip was concluded in Bangkok where I reunited with the 6 bloggers; presenter Shereen Mitwalli, fashion and beauty bloggers Laura Badura and Sheida, food bloggerKaren McLean, Fashion blogger Teresa, and beauty blogger Najla Kaddoura.

Our first stop was at the Siam Center where we were greeted with stunning hand arranged flowers and the Siam Piwat team. If you love fashion, you have to visit this mall as you’ll find some of the best Thai fashion designers/ brands under one roof all supported by the government to fulfil their dreams. They had beautiful designs with international quality and visual merchandise. This is where all the ladies got lost shopping and I kept on refilling my credit card!

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At Petite Audrey Cafe & Bistro we enjoyed different international dishes with an interesting twist that I wouldn’t find in the chain restaurants in the UAE. We had a delicious meal after a long day travelling across Thailand to arrive to Bangkok.

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Afterwards I got to go to my room at the Siam Kempinski Hotel, one of the best and most beautiful Kempinski hotels around the world. I loved my room and slept like a baby! On our last day, some of the girls and I enjoyed the hotel’s pool, which looked amazing as it spreads into different sections.

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On our second day, we were taken on a cruise to one of the best and most adorable cooks in Thailand, Tam from Amita Thai Cooking Class. Tam took us through a garden tour introducing us to some of the most interestingly different types of herbs. I never knew there were so many different types of basil, one of them smells exactly like chewing gum! I can’t stand chewing gum though!

Tam gave us a demonstration class on 4 dishes: papaya salad, chicken with cashew nuts, pad thai noodle with shrimps, and chicken with fresh coconut milk. Following that, we had to each cook her own dish with Tam’s guidance and the professional team behind her, and which we later had to eat as our lunch. Everything was so delicious!

That was by far one of the highlights of my trip to Thailand.

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After such an awesome time at Tam’s cooking class, we went for a very relaxing massage in couples at The Oasis Spa, a very authentic Thai spa that makes you feel home, minus any possible worries. My roommate was Shereen Mitwalli, who after around 30 minutes started snoring, which woke me up while I was drooling.. Very sexy!

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For our final evening, the Tourism Authority of Thailand invited us to dinner with the press at the Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin at Siam Kempinski Hotel. The menu of the award-winning restaurant was composed of nearly a 15-meal-course each is one of a kind small bites incorporating the art of modern cooking techniques, or what I thought was experimental, with traditional Thai flavours. In short, it was my favorite dining experience and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Bangkok.


Having the opportunity to enjoy Thailand was not the only highlight of my month, but more so, meeting 6 incredible ladies during my trip and having beautiful memories with them was a true blessing.

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Etihad Airways took care of us coming back and gave us a very comfortable and entertaining trip, which I spent on 3 movies and 5-star dinner. Most of all, I didn’t have to worry about my over weight bags from all the shopping I did!


Thank you Thailand for allowing me to discover you and for introducing me to amazing people, some of whom I believe will remain friends for life.

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