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Challenges that Joelle Mardinian and I face to keep our hair healthy

The knowledge of protecting our skin from the sun is a pretty common information. What’s interesting is that people don’t often consider the same advise when it comes to their hair and they wonder why it could become dry. UV rays can be very harsh on your hair as much as they are on your skin. Pair that with humidity and you get unpleasant dry and frizzy results increasing hair fall and even damaged hair roots.

I have been using Pantene Clinicare for my hair for years now and its working well for me in that I’m not facing dandruff with it and my hair retains its shininess. However, my hair falls a lot with weather changes and I see more damaged roots in one summery month than I do in the rest of the year.

Joelle Mardinian and her children

Joelle Mardinian uses SPF for a healthy hair and has now launched it for everybody else

Joelle Mardinian is a friend and as you know a celebrity makeup expert with millions of followers backing her. When she launched her new hair line ‘Joelle Paris Sun Protect’, I thought it was a smart idea as I’ve personally never heard of a hair line that specializes in sun protection, which means that if there’s any, they’re not widely spread at least in the Middle East.

Joelle Paris

So I went on a trip to humid Thailand followed by cold Europe with the warm sun of Dubai in between, all the way having Joelle Paris Sun Protect travel kit by my side. I have to tell you, this line has exceeded my expectations by far!

Among the 4 Sun protection products from this range was Joelle Paris Blow Shine Spray, a star product

1- Sunscreen Shampoo
2- Sunscreen Conditioner
3- Sunscreen Elixir
4- Sunscreen Spray
First of all, the entire line smells amazing! With vanilla being my favorite scent, these products totally embody it.
Secondly, I have noticed a drastic decrease in my hair fall, its probably due to the protection my hair is receiving from all the weather conditions. Here I have to say that the Joelle Paris Blow Shine Spray stood out for me as its so easy to use and you can immediately feel the difference.
Finally and most importantly, my hair is long and soft, which means using a conditioner is a must. However, Joelle Paris Sunscreen Shampoo, must have some conditioning component in it because it makes my hair silky with absolutely no necessity for the conditioner! I have to say that in addition to all its amazing benefits, this is the part that got me addicted to this line.
This line is available exclusively at Wojooh and Maison de Joelle

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