The  Story

AIISHA RAMADAN Spring Summer 2016 trends were much like how I see life, deep and meaningful.

In my world, the cinema is about an introspective journey. Each and every scene, lighting and character triggers an emotion in me that I always relate to. The actor is a road paved that takes me to this world. It is far more than just a story being portrayed or actors taking different shapes and roles, it’s about that specific moment in time that could randomly become a picture framed on your wall. It’s about playing this scene again and again in my head until I drown into its sea of emotions. It’s about the haze and the glittery; the contrasts and the lighting effects that speak to my soul. Every phrase said and every word spoken, each blink of an eye carries me into the actor’s world. Cinema is my eternal passion. Always has been, always will be. Love; however, is what keeps me breathing.

Spring Summer 2016 trends are an extension of my Resort 2016

While Resort 2016 is an endeavour to capture the gracefulness of the actresses’ behavior from the Golden Era, Spring Summer 2016 takes a closer look into these characters. I am fascinated by how perfectly these actresses camouflaged their imperfections. I wanted to capture the different sides of their personalities by sewing texture versus clean surfaces. I wanted to embrace the depth of their characters with details that are present even by a simple sole stitch on a white canvas. Above all, I chose to portray their beauty by using fresh colors rather than gloomy ones. After all, I’m a girl who sees beauty everywhere, and I can’t help but love the vulnerable side of humans just as much as their strength.

Spring Summer 2016 Trends

To continue my journey of evolution, I sprinkled a fresh breath of digital squares portraying us, humans; a 3-dimensional multi-faceted square depicting our many different sides. As a designer with strong views towards the world, this is how I set the Spring Summer 2016 trends. With millions of women who seek to be like their stars and millions of others who don’t, they still somehow sought exposure for their indulgence and kept their fragile sides hidden. They were real women with full personalities, challenges and happiness.

While the letter ‘X’ was a huge Spring Summer 2016 trend appearing as a print or visual on some designs, I used it a lot as an artwork for my embroidery. In the end, I love clean lines! Another trend I took on is fluidity in the looks with long lines, tonal colors portraying femininity as well as confidence.

A special thanks goes to Rupert Chesman, Shiseido, Anthony Walsh and Villa 515 and the entire team behind our Spring Summer 2016 campaign.

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