Enigma Dubai at the Versace Palazzo

Engima Dubai - Quique Dacosta

Don’t you love it when people challenge themselves to exceed expectations and inspire uniqueness? I had one such experience at the Palazzo Versace at their avant-garde restaurant, Enigma Dubai.

Enigma Dubai re-invents your dining experience

The dining concept and chefs change four times throughout the year to keep you excited for more and make your visit an ongoing treat. The only element you’ll be aware of are the prices, but not the menu. Once you’re seated, the play begins where the food, the waiters, the ambiance are all under strict choreography with the guest being the star.

enigma dubai-3

I had the pleasure of dining from Spanish chef’s menu of three Michelin stars Quique Dacosta (pronounced Kiki Dakosta). He offered so much experimental dishes at Enigma Dubai that I had to question what’s edible and what’s not on my plates. The beauty is in the stories behind the chef’s dishes all portraying his childhood from the forest.

courtesy of ns4y

courtesy of ns4y

One of these examples and a favorite of mine is the dish of rocks. Literally, a dish with few rocks on it; only one of them is edible and you have to discover it. Once you do, the taste of cold Parmesan ice creme fills your soul.. mind blowing! Then we were served an edible rose which I couldn’t resist smelling.

enigma dubai-1

enigma dubai aiisha ramadan

Discover the untold story at Enigma Dubai

I can’t describe his dishes and their ingredients, he had truffles, fruits, shrimps, duck and many other ingredients. At some point I had edible charcoal and though it made my teeth black, it was delicious! Non of Chef Quique’s culinary dishes failed to impress my appetite nor my intelligence. It was an experience feeding all my senses with a performance keeping me and the other guests anticipating the next chapter.

enigma dubai

Courtesy of Notey

Courtesy of Notey


Towards the end of the evening, the guests were requested to look for a letter from the chef stuck under their tables and is meant to be eaten and never shared (but I couldn’t resist sharing it).

Chef Quique’s culinary experience ends on the 12th of April 2016. I advise you to book your table at Enigma Dubai before the next chef takes over.

enigma dubai- aiisha ramadan

quique dacosta and aiisha ramadan

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