Here are the elements for a successful 50s photoshoot

For my 50s photoshoot with Japanese cosmetic and makeup giant Shiseido, I chose few themes as a reflection to my multi-faceted personality. One of which was an elegant, bold and classic woman.

50s Makeup

This is where the team and I agreed that a 50s makeup will deliver exactly that. Shiseido makeup artist Sarah Khennouf focused on the eyeliner, long thick lashes using their latest mascara and beautiful red orange lip.

Products used for my 50s photoshoot:

·         Bk912 Eye Liner

·         BE213 Eye Shadow Palette

·         Eye Pencil Black

·         Fix Foundation I60

·         Foundation Brush

·         Face color Enhancing RS 1

·         Eye Brow Pencil 602

·         Lipstick Rs 347 Perfect Rouge

·         Eye shadow New Range Brown Color

·         Full Lash Volume Mascara 

aiisha ramadan

red lipstick 50s makeup

red shiseido aiisha ramadan

Classic Hair

Everybody knows my love for Khaled Kahel’s immense ability to transform me from one woman to another by drastically changing my hair style in minutes. Founder of Colour Masters Dubai, Khaled’s strength is in his coloring skills. Though I don’t relate to coloring, he’s still my go to person for anything else to do with the hair. In a matter of minutes, he gave my hair a low and natural updo that suits the elegant image I was after.

50 makeup

Timeless Fashion

The fact that my AIISHA RAMADAN designs are timeless and elegant made my job easy in selecting my fashion for this 50s photoshoot. So I picked up a straight forward clean white shirt, one that I highlights some of my best features and accentuates others with it’s hard collar. It gave me the bold edge that’s within me in a classic frame. With so much going on with my hair and makeup, I wanted to keep my outfit as simple as possible and it worked perfectly.

aiisha ramadan 50s makeup


This is what can make or break your photoshoot. Invest in a good photographer otherwise the best hair and makeup won’t give you the high standard results you’re looking for. For this photoshoot with Shiseido, we went from one theme to another, total of 4 looks and to bring out completely different results takes a lot of talent and skill. For this shoot, we went with one of the top photographers in the Middle East, Hikmat Wehbi from W Studio Dubai. Hikmat understands lighting and above all, immediately recognizes the model’s best qualities and the ones she is less comfortable showing. Hikmat translated the team’s vision into a striking black and white using natural sun light. You don’t know what he’s seeing while he’s clicking away his photos, but you’ll be astonished at how remarkable the end result will be.

shiseido photoshoothikmat wehbi w studio
This was by far my favorite photoshoot to date. I felt like a gorgeous woman who was able to express herself so vividly. It was all because of a team who surrounded me with love and openness. So thank you team!

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