My Love Affair with Manolo Blahnik

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My love affair with Manolo Blahnik began with Sarah Jessica Parker when her ‘Carrie’ character had an obsession with the art behind each shoes.

Manolo Blahnik

I had a love affair.. with Manolo Blahnik

It was only natural that I tied up with the designer himself on my Love Affair collection with Victoria Casal back in 2009. It was the beginning of my never ending journey with Manolo Blahnik. Each part of his shoes are perfectly crafted to awaken the dormant princess within the woman. Much like my designs, they are simple with their silhouettes, inciting with their effect.

Here’s a throwback from my collaboration with Mr. Manolo Blahnik

How Manolo Blahnik compliments all my designs

I love how my elegant designs with their simple approach allow the woman to easily make them her own. You can push them to a soiree edge and you can easily deconstruct them. Either way, they are timeless and will work with most of your props from shoes and accessories. To prove my point, almost any Manolo Blahnik shoes or clutch I wore with me flattering AIISHA RAMADAN creme empire dress looked marvelous, elegant and intriguing.


I looked and felt every part a modern day princess.

Apart from the colorful Manolo Blahnik boutique in Dubai Mall that will make you want to stay for few hours trying on every single pair of stilettos they have, the details in each shoes from the cut to the heel shape elongates your legs and makes your feet look so beautiful. The clutches on the other hand are pure couture and a must-have for every wardrobe.

In a separate post, I’ll highlight some of my favorite shoes from the brand’s past collections.

manolo blahnik

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aiisha ramadan manolo blahnik

I couldn’t leave without having the metallic fabric Manolo Blahnik shoes, it is a classic which I believe that every woman must own in either fabric or plain satin fabric, my preference of which is the Indigo Blue version. the very same one Mr. Big proposed to Carrie with.

manolo blahnik


Courtesy of Marie Claire

Courtesy of Marie Claire

manolo blahnik

Photography by Faraz Ahmed

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