Aiisha Ramadan AW16 at Vendome Luxury

Aiisha Ramadan launches ‘Senses’

The latest collection from my AIISHA RAMADAN brand of 34 looks for Autumn-Winter 2016 has finally been launched and it was presented at Vendome Luxury in Paris in March 2016.

AIISHA RAMADAN story behind ‘Senses’

The greatest gift a human can receive, is the combined indulgence of all their senses.
aiisha ramadan taste senses

As I walk through the streets of Paris, I taste the light raindrops falling from the sky, and gaze around, embracing the timeless designs everywhere – the old, the new, the chic, everything I use to inspire my clean, classic looks.

Aiisha Ramadan AW16 'Senses'

Aiisha Ramadan AW16 ‘Senses’


aiisha ramadan senses hearing
In search for my own inner peace, I find myself at sun set over the River Seine listening to music sung by past legends, transporting me with their golden voices into a different era. Through this beautiful authenticity, I create my lines of chiffon and Georgette silk, so light, transparent & flawless.
Aiisha Ramadan AW16 'Senses'

Aiisha Ramadan AW16 ‘Senses’

senses sightI watch as a man loads an old projector by the side of the road, slowly winding the delicate film around the workings, each individual frame a story, working together to create a masterpiece. He plays it onto the wall opposite, each frame inspiring me to make bold square patterns, to create my own story, my own movie, flowing with me in a beautiful dress.
Aiisha Ramadan AW16 'Senses'

Aiisha Ramadan AW16 ‘Senses’

TEXTURE AIISHA RAMADANTouching every surface I encounter, my curiosity was always fed by the subtle feeling of different textures. In any of my collections, you can see beautifully detailed embroidery and textured fabric, including stunning Italian guipure.
Aiisha Ramadan AW16 'Senses'

Aiisha Ramadan AW16 ‘Senses’

aiisha ramadan cherry blossom sensesThe film shows a rare delicate moment you only see in a lifetime, I see soft white cherry blossom coming to life among autumn leaves, a delicate scent I breathe in deeply, a mix of light and dark, I dream I am the woman under the tree, gliding her hands over her Kimono, cherry blossom falling around her like soft snow.
Aiisha Ramadan AW16 'Senses'

Aiisha Ramadan AW16 ‘Senses’

Its incredible how each new collections becomes the dearest to my heart. What’s special about ‘Senses’ is that each line I sketched was taken from the depth of my heart, mind and soul.

In effort to protect this collection’s identity, I will not be posting remaining photos once the collection is in stores.

Photography: Hikmat Wehbi from W-Studio Dubai

Hair & Makeup: Kaya Guerreiro

Model: Andrea Solpa

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