Find out where I found the best Mexican food in Dubai

mexican foodMy passion for Italian and Mexican food

Living in Dubai, I’m exposed to a lot of different cuisines. That being said, my favorite foreign cuisines are the Mexican and the Italian. You can find good Italian restaurants in Dubai around every corner, its very popular. But when it comes to the Mexican one, I thought I had found the best available in Dubai, until I tried La Tablita. Its not the best in Dubai, its the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. Ever.


The best Mexican Food I’ve ever had

Located at the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights (close to Wafi City), La Tablita restaurant showcases culinary creativity by Mexican chef de Cuisine Daniel Hurtado by adding his distinctive flair to classic Mexican cuisine. One particular dish he left his personal heritage in is the Mexican tomato tortilla soup, taken from Hurtado’s grandmother’s recipe. There’s always something so special about trying somebody’s grandmother’s recipe and which in turn becomes a legacy to its restaurant.



Dining at a Mexican restaurant, I would normally order a Tortilla Soup, Guacamole, maybe a fajita for the main course and definitely churros for dessert. However, to give La Tablita all fairness, I requested sampling bites from as many different dishes as possible including what I’d have normally ordered.

mexican food guacamoleceviche - mexican food

Trying Mexican food on a whole new level

I was food struck and taste blown away by the ceviche and the lamb taco to begin with. They were out of this world!

The meat was tender and juicy, very well flavored. The juices in the ceviche had a perfect acidity balance. Everything else from the guacamole, tacos, fajita and the Tres Leeches cake were all spot on too. I know a good restaurant from the churros. They have to have a good balance between the friend crust and the soft inside. Dipping those perfectly prepared churros in the chocolate caramel sauce was my happy ending!



After all, La Tablita imports almost all of its ingredients and spices straight from Mexico. Believe me when I say that I can still taste those incredible flavors in my mouth and I can’t wait to go back.


I asked Chef Hurtado, what makes your food so special; he said that its core is from the Mexican street food. In short, La Tablita offers authentic Mexican food that transports you to Mexico.

The atmosphere and staff’s knowledge and enthusiasm certainly elevates ones experience.

Here’s the full menu from La Tablita restaurant

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La Tablita opens for lunch from 12 – 3pm and dinner from 6pm – 12am

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