The hottest Slavic restaurant in Dubai – Vesna Dubai


Vesna Dubai takes Slavic food to a new level

I worked often with a model called Vesna, in Russian it means Spring. Then I was introduced to what I believe is the hottest Slavic restaurant in town, Vesna Dubai. If you’re passionate about trying new cuisines, drop by Vesna Dubai, a new contemporary Slavic restaurant located at the Conrad Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road.

Aiisha Ramadan at Vesna Dubai


Vesna Dubai ambiance

The Art Noveau environment introduces rich culinary experience you’re about to have. Its truly breathtaking. All I could think about while sitting there is how magnificent a photoshoot would look in this imperial surrounding. With its high ornate ceilings, stunning chandeliers, intimate lounge and live music, I couldn’t help but admire the work they’ve done to Vesna Dubai.

vesna dubai

vesna dubai

vesna dubai

Vesna Dubai offers fine dining

Because Dubai is a melting pot, fine dining isn’t a rare experience in Dubai. However, Slavic fine dining is completely new to me in Dubai. I was intrigued when I checked out the menu and just like I anticipated, Vesna Dubai offers Slavic food that is based on very simple ingredients taken to a whole new level.

Vesna Dubai Menu

Celebrity Chef cooks for you

Prize winning Head Chef Maksim Tvorogov transformed the most basic components that are frequently used in every Slavic house, such as beetroot, eggplant and zucchini, and combined them with luxurious ones, such as lobster, caviar and oysters.

Chef Maksim Tvorogov

Chef Maksim Tvorogov

vesna dubai

The food you eat at Vesna Dubai

The recreation of these traditional Slavic earthy dishes into modern high-end ones combined with the humble, yet knowledgeable staff, made me feel home and above all, happy.

I tried bits from a variety of dishes and none fell short of beautiful flavours and textures. My favorite appetizers where the eggplant rolls (to die for) and the aubergine caviar.

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From the main course, I fell in love with the chicken fritter and the mushroom and onion buckwheat, which takes 24 hours to prepare. Finally, make sure you have raspberry sorbet ice cream and tea selection.

FullSizeRender_12 The next time you want to try something new, try Vesna Dubai.

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