Eloise Mumford in AIISHA Couture

Eloise Mumford wears AIISHA

Eloise Mumford blossoms in AIISHA RAMADAN

The more I go into my blog drafts, the more I discover unpublished articles. Partially because blogging was never a full time thing for me and partially because I got so busy since I delivered. Now that my life is back on track, I wanted to share with you some of the news that you may have missed, or news that you have heard of but never heard the story behind it from me. Here’s a throwback on how I saw Eloise Mumford blossoming in AIISHA RAMADAN Couture.

On the red carpet, in Red, Eloise Mumford strikes a pose

As I watched the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, I couldn’t help but keep an eye on Eloise Mumford’s character, Kate. Though not the main character in the movie, Eloise was very alluring. Because when I sketch my designs, I imagine the end result on the red carpet on an anonymous remarkable woman, I tend to analyse the characters that actually end up wearing those designs.

So for the Golden Globe Awards 2014 after party, the gorgeous Eloise Mumford embraced femininity in a head turning red hand-draped silk gown from AIISHA RAMADAN couture, looking every inch intriguing and sensual.

I’ll let the pictures speak and you admire!

Eloise Mumford wears AIISHA

Thank you Eloise for choosing AIISHA RAMADAN.


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