Photography tips you don’t want to miss!


There’s no question that professional and talented photographers change your entire perspective on how you see photos. Not to mention that the race on social media, specifically Instagram, pushes our boundaries into delivering a piece of art in every single photo we post. Since I’m still learning, whenever I have a photo shoot, I make the best out of the opportunity where I could benefit from the photography tips and style of the great professionals I work with.

Getting the perfect subject

For my ambassadorship photo shoot with SHEEN, I played around with the themes in an effort to showcase different stops from my lifestyle. While the post announcing my collaboration with SHEEN displayed my ‘evening look’, the above photo was more of an outdoor look on the streets. So I put on my hand-embroidered AIISHA RAMADAN champagne dress, one of my favorite SHEEN watches in a matching stainless steel color, and my Earthy toned makeup (after a fresh haircut by Kaya Guerreiro) and I let my photographer do his magic. Since I love sharing, I talked to one of my favorite photographers, Hikmat Wehbi from W-Studio Dubai into sharing some of his best photography tips with you.

Photography tips you don’t want to miss!

In a one-on-one conversation with Hikmat Wehbi, the brilliant photographer offers valuable photography tips to the talented professionals and beginners.

AR: What’s your  best tip to achieve photos inside a studio that looks like they were shot on the streets?

HW: You really need to play with lighting. Put a direct back light (light in the background of the subject) that creates a sun or street lamps effect. If you’re aiming to give a sun effect, then make sure you place your lighting in an angle where the sun would be, even the light hits the lens, it’s alright as it will create a nice flare.

IMG_2106AR: What are 3 things every photography beginners should never do?


  1. Never put the camera on auto as you won’t know what’s happening
  2. Don’t use a zoom lens. Try to use a fixed lens where you can get the subject closer. The zoom lens will change the angle you’ve intended, while a fixed lens will help you move around with your body and camera to get closer or further away from your subject. You need to physically work to get your picture rather than the camera does all the work for you
  3. Avoid shooting on JPEG and TIF, because in those modes the colors are already cooked. Shoot on Raw, which is a format that is very flexible to adjust the colors later on.

IMG_2109AR: How do you describe your photography style?

HW: Its bold and sensual. I look to get the emotions out of my subject from a very sensual angle. Its strong and at times aggressive.



Yup! I confirm the above. Being shot by Hikmat Wehbi numerous times, he truly has a way in making anything or anyone look beautiful. I have felt my best being shot by him.

Thank you Hikmat Wehbi for sharing your valuable tips before your magical work.

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