7 amazing gift ideas for women!

gift ideas for women

There are few occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, that have ‘gifts’ labeled all over them. You’ll find here some helpful gift ideas for women that will save you from going blank, or simply going wrong. It’s one thing if you’re gifting your best friend or partner, and its a totally different thing if you’re gifting a colleague or acquaintance. Not all gifts have to cost a fortune, but I believe that all deserve an effort. If you can’t put that effort in, avoid gifting all together.


If you choose to gift jewelry, go hi or bye-bye. Either pick a timeless piece or change the whole idea because I believe that cheap accessories will look even cheaper in a few weeks. You want your gift to be memorable. This is where I suggest the blue box. Of course I’m talking about Tiffany & Co. Alternatively, I suggest Monica Vinader bracelet, which can be engraved and hence becomes personal. Either way, choose a simpler design as its easier to wear. Jewelry normally speaks of affection or at least expresses that you highly value the person you’re gifting. When I think about a gift for my mom, I always go for gold because she loves and values gold. Let alone the fact that she’s very valuable to me.



A watch is either a must-have or a valuable accessory for women. When you go down that road for someone you don’t know well, make sure you choose a classic but high quality watch, such as SHEEN. If you know her well, you can be more selective going for colored leather or crystallized with Swarovski versions.

sheen watch - gift ideas for women

sheen aiisha ramadan


Although some scarves retail at around 4,500 AED (1,235 USD) in multi-branded boutiques like Harvey Nichols, nothing, in my opinion, beats an Hermes scarf, which runs at a lower prices around 1,450 AED (395 USD). They can win any fashionable woman’s heart the second she sees that orange box. Its not just the box, its really the meticulous illustrations behind each artwork on the Hermes scarves that always elevates the woman’s look.

hermes scarf - gift ideas for women


A close friend of mine is a size 35 and she LOVES heels. When I say heels, I mean Louboutins. Since her feet are unique in size, some of her best friends make sure they order or simply snatch the first pair of Louboutins in size 35 they lay their eyes on. Knowing Farah, my friend, she values such gifts both for their beauty and the effort behind them.

shoes - gift ideas for women


You can never go wrong with a massage and/ or body scrub voucher from a respectable spa. Very few women don’t really care about massage, not that I know any, but its worth checking which type is your friend. In the UAE, I suggest Mandara Spa at the H Hotel on Sheikh Zaid Road. In Abu Dhabi, I recommend Chi The Spa at the Shangri-La Hotel. Another idea could be dinner at her favorite restaurant that she likes to dine in for special occasions.

spa - gift ideas for women


Some women, and they do exist, will value something much more personal than a costly gift. I know book addicts who would be happy to receive a book everyday because reading is a part of her lifestyle and actually who she is. I, for example, have an affection for collecting Barbie dolls, specifically ones that represent Audrey Hepburn. Other ideas could be gifting your friend a beautiful diary from Mont Blanc. As yourself, what are her hobbies? If she loves cooking maybe gift her a couple of cooking classes. If she’s into photography, a camera is an ideal gift.

book - gift ideas for women

More great gift ideas for women


If you know the woman well, you must have heard her mentioning a thing that she’s been meaning to buy. Something she loves or simply needs. If she’s into makeup, check if she’s got the perfect brushes. In this case, a set of So by Samira Olfat makeup Brushes is the perfect gift, they’re just as good as Tom Ford makeup brushes, made of horse hair as well as the best synthetic fibers but that retail at a much more competitive price of 1,500 AED for the whole set. Another great and truly valuable present is from Shiseido cosmetics. Shiseido generally speaks high quality. Their Future Solution LX range is their highest in standards and value, which would reflect the same message to the person you’d be gifting it to. Keep your ears open for at least 2 months before the occasion and start writing down the woman’s wish list. She’ll always express what she likes if you spend enough time with her.

So by Samira Olfat - Gift ideas for women

Shiseido Future Solution LX - Gift ideas for women

These are some of my recommended gift ideas for women. Stay tuned for a post on what gift ideas for women to avoid!

Photography by Rima Wehbi


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