Long before I ever became a fashion designer, I cared so much for my clothes that I got used to giving my mother most of my clothes for her to wash them by hand as I feel that its the most gentle way to hand them. She constantly used Downy to give them the softest feel and fresh smell.

care tips

I also enjoyed aligning my clothes in color order, especially my cardigan selection. I just love how they end up forming a rainbow effect in my closet. Then I became a fashion designer working with the most delicate fabrics before moving on to Ready-to-wear also working with the best Italian fabrics.

Now, I want to share with you some of what I’ve learned about caring for your clothes.

  1. Treat all your clothing with love. Know what to fold (like cotton T-shirts and denim) and what to hang (like silk dresses and shirts). TIP: If you have a heavy jersey item, chances are hanging it will stretch it out of proportion, so best thing is to fold it
  2. Use the right hangers. Especially with knits and jersey as terrible hangers can easily leave irreversible marks on your clothes.Hanger-Shoulder-Width
  3. Read the care labels. Somethings need to be dry cleaned, others hand-washed, and others need to be washed at a specific degree by machine. Add your Downy conditioner for a softer feel.technical5
  4. Separate embellished clothes with clear plastic bags. You can easily get these plastic bags from any laundry, they will save your investment because embellished clothes tend to catch other fabric surfaces and ruin them.c0b90035ddccc943d5a315c6e158b021
  5. Pack carefully when travelling. An incredible way not to have your clothes wrinkle from being packed is by rolling them. And if you have embellished clothes, cover the embellishment with butter paper to avoid having it catch the surface of other parts of the garment.
  6. Build your outfits library. Pick a day when you’re not very busy and try on many looks with the shoes. Once happy with the final look, take a photo of each, then save them in a separate folder in your photo album. This way, you will always have something to wear!
  7. Add lavender bags in your closets. You can also add them in your drawers to keep your clothing and undergarments smelling fresh.

    potpourri bag with dry lawender flowers; Shutterstock ID 10140529

    care tips

  8. Let go. If you haven’t worn a clothing item in more than a year, chances are you will never wear it. So make a decision: Either alter it to fit your new liking OR donate it!

Once the above care tips are follower, pay attention to the below:

  1. Accessorize. Go on and try different accessories, scarfs, hats and sunglasses. The perfect accessory can easily take you from one mood to another. Most of all, they say a lot about your personality.
  2. Pick the right shoes. There are 3 types of fits when you’re inside the shoe store: (a) That’s very comfortable. (b) That’s ok (with an unsure face). (c) That’s not comfortable. Invest only the shoes you know you’ll be able to stand in for more than 2 hours.

Enjoy your clothes and have a fashionable day!

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