How to look younger – instantly!

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3 Steps for How to look younger

Unless you feel young, you won’t look it. Some people in their 30’s look like they’re in their 60’s. Some are in their 60’s but they look decades younger. Its how you perceive yourself and treat your body and soul. Stress is the number one cause for early aging. Stress has given me a lot of gray hair.. a lot for a 33 year old girl. That was before I discovered how to look younger. In my opinion, if you meditate, take care of your beauty regime and dress well, you’ll certainly look and feel younger.

How to look younger through meditation

Meditation can be practiced  through consistent sessions of pushing away negative energy or even through your own way of praying. The point is to disconnect from the world and control your brain whereby you embrace positive thoughts and dismiss all negative ones. Since I started meditating, I feel amazing. My whole life has changed because I’ve been managing my stress and ultimately when there’s little or no stress, there’s peace of mind and happiness. Happiness is capable of making your skin glow. Remember that our emotions reflect so easily on our skin. When you’re scared, your face turns white, when you’re shy or embarrassed, you blush! When you’re stressed, you get dark circles under your eyes. Deal with your emotions first, then move on to the next steps.

aiisha ramadanHow to look younger through following a healthy skincare and beauty regimeThere are 2 parts for having a healthy skincare and beauty regime: What you eat and what you apply on your skin have direct impact on how beautiful your skin looks. If your life style is based on fast food, your skin will most likely lack a healthy glow as it won’t be receiving the essential minerals and vitamins to feed a healthy skin. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin will tend to dehydrate. Balance your lifestyle whereby you include whole organic foods. The right exercises will also grant your body a younger movement, which you’ll need down the way.

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On the other side, from the age of 16 you need to start using the right cosmetic brand and products for your skin. Don’t wait till signs of your wrinkles have already shown up. Instead, fight them and delay them from an earlier age. I generally have a very dry skin and it gets easily irritated (whenever I get stressed red spots appear on my face in random areas). However, since I started using Shiseido products, my skin has dramatically gotten better. Even Shiseido’s makeup products, specifically the foundation, has a good share of moisturizers in them. The single product I’ll never live without from Shiseido is the Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate as it boosts your face’s immunity among many other great benefits.

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According to makeup artist Kaya Guerreiro, don’t apply foundation all over your face if you don’t need it. Less product covering your face means your skin can breathe better. Its also very important to clean your makeup brushes as well as refrain from using expired products, they can damage your skin.

How to look younger through fashion

While I’m a big fan of wearing black, unless I have a killer makeup on, it could easily drain me and make me look tired. Doesn’t it with a lot of people? When in doubt, I’d go back in time to my styling training on the hands of the brilliant celebrity stylist Mimi Raad and I hear her whisper in my ears: add color to your look.

aiisha ramadan look younger

She taught me to get over my fear of colors. I probably wanted to stay safe and not take risks of either wearing too loud colors that would grab attention or simply wear the wrong colors. Then I learned more about the color wheel and its effect on our skin tones.

Now, I’m much more confident wearing colors. I can tell what works and what doesn’t. Here’s a tip, you’ll get a lot of compliments wearing the right color. You can also wear that same color in different degrees. The best way to see if the color works for you is to check it against your neck and face. Does it brighten your face? Does it make you look fresh? Does it make you smile? Then it probably is right for you.

aiisha ramadan look younger

In my look, I’m wearing a silk printed dress from my own AIISHA ready-to-wear designs along with a beautiful red SHEEN watch and burgundy Moschino velvet heels. Red doesn’t really work with my warm skin tone; however, I love it and I can easily integrate it in my look through my accessories. That’s why I love having my SHEEN leather watches in different colors as they don’t have to be worn next to my face, yet will add a spark of happiness.
aiisha ramadan look younger

The bottom line is, be happy. Happiness is the key to looking younger and feeling great!

Thank you Sam John for the photoshoot, your lens always makes me feel younger and thank you Kaya Guerreiro for my hair and makeup. Your work of art makes me feel beautiful inside out, always.

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