How to dress from day to night

aiisha ramadan how to dress from day to night
I write to like-minded women. A lot of men too actually, but regardless of the gender, we have pretty common busy lifestyles where our schedules are overbooked let alone our worries on what to wear for day and what to wear for dinner. While many people have their different takes on how to dress from day to night, I love to see my fashion line AIISHA as one that addresses this exact need with its huge range of chic looks that are classic yet bold.

Its a topic I love so much because it feels like I’ve mastered it due to experiencing a decade of a “busy” lifestyle. Quite often, I’ll leave the house on my flats with my heels in my bag. I keep an extra set of swimsuit in case I had a break and wanted to escape to the beach or the pool for an hour. My bag of makeup accompanies me on a lot of days, giving me confidence that I’ll look my best should a late appointment or dinner pop up and believe me, despite my already busy schedule, I still have the flexibility to add a few more appointments per week.

Having said that, dressing from day to night would take on a whole new shape with your own style printed all over it. Do you have a specific style? I believe that having that is not just about fashion, its really about finding yourself. Style and fashion is a translation for who you are from the inside. A client of mine, Widad, is in love with brooches. She’ll wear them 365 days a year. They’ll buy them mostly from vintages shops, she’ll customize them if she had to, just like we did for her wedding gown.

At some point of my life, I was a scarf person. You could see me wearing cotton combo printed scarfs with most of my looks on top of my necklaces. At night, I’d go for a more silky scarf that embraces me with that romantic element I’d be looking for. Nights call for romance after all.

Recently, I’ve become a hat girl. I LOVE hats. I’ll purchase them mostly from Europe, simply because they’re hand-made and really beautiful. Besides Borsalino, my recent favorite hat store is Doria.

So on one of these extra ordinary over booked days, I’ll wear a comfortable and simple yet flattering dress – in this case a halter neck brocade navy and black fit and flare dress from my City Lights collection. For a brunch out during the day (when the extreme heat in Dubai is out of the way), I go with a hat on my head, and a SHEEN watch on my wrist that will grant me a chic day look that I can transform easily throughout the day into an evening one. As I like to keep my accessories minimal, I like to focus on 2 elements per look. In those photos, besides my watch, I chose earrings that are appropriate for the day. Since I’ll be running around, I prefer to do so in a flat ballerina from Emporio Armani and I keep my makeup simple.

hot to dress from day to night

aiisha ramadan

hot to dress from day to night

For work or indoors meetings, I’ll take off my hat, probably tie my hair into a ponytail and put on a jacket. My SHEEN watch will give value to my business attire take on my dress, so I certainly keep it on.


How to dress from day to night

Here are few suggestions that will transform your look from a day to an evening one and that won’t take a huge space in your bag if any:

  • Wear eyelashes and/ or colored lipstick
  • Let your hair down
  • Wear your diamonds
  • Put on your heels
  • Substitute the big bag with an evening clutch

aiisha ramadan hot to dress from day to nightaiisha-ramadan-dress-from-day-to-night aiisha-ramadan-dress-from-day-to-night

for my evening look, I went for a crystal studded pointed high heel from Rodo in a classic black that makes my legs look so slim and beautiful. Chanel pearl earrings certainly dresses up my look, so that’s a yes. If you choose to wear your earrings for the evening, pair it with a bracelet or a watch of similar color. In these photos, I wore a silver stainless steel watch from SHEEN. Adding a colored lipstick brightens your face at night if you’re into it. If you know how to apply eyelashes on, I highly recommend you wear those, they will dramatically transform your look. If you have healthy and shiny hair, let it down.

For this post’s photoshoot, Kaya Guerriro geniusly styled both my hair and makeup first thing in the morning leaving me with only 1 red lipstick and a pair of At First Sight eyelashes to apply myself. I think she did a wonderful job. I’m so in love with this makeup style that is so subtle for the day yet goes so well with my evening look.

aiisha ramadan

aiisha ramadan sheenhot to dress from day to nightaiisha-ramadan-dress-from-day-to-night

aiisha ramadan sheenPhotography by Sam John

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