How to wear pearls and look modern


The first time I fell in love with pearls, was when I was introduced to Coco Chanel. Then I watched the movie Julie & Julia and was determined to upgrade my style by wearing a traditional pearl necklace. My wish came true a few weeks later when I received a pearl necklace from my husband for my birthday.


I love that necklace, I love its weight on me, its timeless grace. I love that pearls instantly associate my style with elegance. From there on, I kept an eye on pearl combinations and so I personally fell in love with combining pearls with crystals in my clothing line embroideries while using different sizes of pearls. I could go on and on about my love for pearls and how it has affected my fashion line and what you see on the celebrities wearing my designs.


Raya Abirached wears AIISHA

Aiisha Ramadan


Sierra Furtado wears AIISHA

Then I fell in love with MISAKI pearl jewelry for its contemporary take on jewelry, a line that I believe every woman will relate to. Behind the brand is a love story between a Japanese photographer and a French illustrator. The brand MISAKI was then passionately founded in 1987 in the air, as a resemblance to the couples on the go lifestyle and it was sold on board of prestigious airlines such as British Airways and Alitalia among others. With Monaco being the brand’s home, MISAKI’s first boutique was opened in 2010.

What stroke my attention at first glance is the purity in sense and asymmetric shapes that keep the brand with a young spirit. Whether you’re passionate about pearls or not, you’ll either fall in love with MISAKI or to say the least, you’ll appreciate its original designs. Every single piece is hand-made! MISAKI uses cultured Japanese Akoya pearls, which are among the most famous and sought after pearls by jewelers. Misaki also uses a new type of handmade pearl, the X-Treme Lustre pearl resulting in a dazzling sparkle due to SHL technology.aiisha-ramadan-misaki-pearls

As I went on MISAKI online portal to make my order, I chose a set of a necklace and a ring in dark petrol green that combines druse uncut agate crystals and glass hand-made pearls. It was the perfect combination for me. The design itself so refined and intriguing. There’s nothing ordinary about it.

aiisha ramadan

Aiisha Ramadan wearing MISTAKI pearls to R Trader in DIFC

misaki-pearls-aiisha-ramadan misaki-pearls-aiisha-ramadan misaki-pearls-aiisha-ramadan


I got so emotionally hooked up on the brand that I placed another order of a rhodium-plated silver wedding band.. completely random simply because it was stunning. MISAKI Pearls and jewelry is led by designer Virginie Boeri. I believe that picking up a gift for your loved ones or dear friends became easier, thanks for MISAKI pearls.


Photography by Sam John


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