What I thought about SAMI AMIN bags

When I saw pictures of SAMI AMIN bags and accessories, I couldn’t make up my mind on whether I’ll love them or I’ll pass. Don’t get me wrong, the designs themselves are beautiful and seemed to be rustic. With all honesty, while I’m quite hasty in passing on my judgement on products I see in photos, SAMI AMIN’s left me waiting for more. So I took my chance and made an order from his ‘Sky Collection’ inspired by the Nut, the Egyptian sky goddess.


How I truly felt about SAMI AMIN bags

As my ordered bag arrived inside a fabric printed linen packaging bag, I immediately fell in love with the texture of the look. The second thing that stroke me was the weight I held onto. The bag is heavy enough to feel that amount of leather in it, yet light enough to keep my arms and shoulders very comfortable. Third thing that caught my attention was the hand designed and sculptured brass accessories on the bag that were an immediate inspiration from the sky, stars, sun and moon. I couldn’t ignore the amount of passion that was invested in every detail.

Until now, and every time I have the pleasure of wearing this bag, I tend to keep running my hands over these brass pieces as well as the braided handles of the bag. That brings me to the finishing. Everything in this bag is hand-made and you can see it. The braids are just a tiny part of it, carefully giving SAMI AMIN’s bag a rustic, down to earth feel. As I reach out to the inside, the suede feel of the genuine and premium cow leather gives me a sense of true luxury.


With all my heart, wearing a SAMI AMIN bag makes me feel the same or an even higher dosage of ecstasy like that I have when wearing my Louis Vuitton or Chloe bags. I believe it has to do with knowing the designer and the story behind him. SAMI AMIN bags and accessories aren’t ones you’ll see on the arms of every woman, they are special, hand-made in the designer’s homeland Egypt by staff that are trained under the designer himself. His products speak to women who want something as unique as they are without breaking the bank. My bag, hand-colored in camel tone, is worth 1,500 Egyptian Pounds (170 USD) and the necklace I selected is for 250 Egyptian Pounds (28 USD).

I strongly believe that a lady should own few investment pieces to complete her wardrobe. They can be classic to run the test of time, or statement pieces that translate the woman’s character in her day to day looks.


In my Roman themed photoshoot with hair stylist/ makeup artist Kaya Guerreiro and photographer Sam John, I’m wearing SAMI AMIN bag and braided necklace from the Sky Collection. I simply love them!

For my casual look, I paired my SAMI AMIN bag and necklace with a hat, a look I’m truly passionate about, and MYSKOS espadrilles that are made in Spain of natural breathable materials such as cotton and linen with a sole made of natural vegetable fibers. Totally eco-friendly.



For my second look, I wanted some bling-bling and for that I wore one of my favorite shoe brands Chiara Ferragni, FLIRTING flats with patent leather and suede embroideries, a signature by the famous blogger Chiara, and just like her, made in Italy.



You see, that’s what’s amazing about SAMI AMIN’s designs. They add luxury to your chic look and yet can easily assist in deconstructing your outfit with their classic colors. Either way, they look great and the brand has become on my must-have list season after season.

You may purchase SAMI AMIN bags and accessories online soon (their e-store is launching in 1 month), until then, you may contact them on their Facebook Fan Page, they ship all around the world.

aiisha ramadan sami amin aiisha ramadan

Photography by Sam John

Hair and Makeup by Kaya Guerreiro

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