5 things I love about these luxury swimwear brands

aiisha-ramadan-unimar-beachwearLast weekend, I had an amazing time with my daughter at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Palm Jumeirah using my PRIVILEE Dubai membership. I really wanted to have some peaceful time while enjoying my new set of luxury swimwear suit from Unimar Beachwear and my dresses from Luisa Maria Lugli resort collections. While its easier imagined than done, I must confess, my daughter was simply an angel having a great time at both the beach and the pool with nothing but laughter and happiness. This is where I got to indulge myself with some (almost) me time!


In the past, I wore a lot of Victoria Secret swimwear and as I matured, I developed an addiction to luxury swimwear and before that lingerie brand, Agent Provocateur. A note on Agent Provocateur, while their designs are GORGEOUS, you really need to have a smaller body size to look good or even “fit” into them. Then during my last trip to Italy to present my Spring Summer 2017 in Riccione Moda Italia, I was introduced to both Unimar Beachwear and Luisa Maria Lugli swimwear and resort collections.


Here are a few things that I loved about these luxury swimwear brands:

  • They have incredibly flattering designs

Whether they look it or not, their classic designs are very flattering regardless of your body type. Believe me. I have a tough body and I looked good in all the designs that I ordered from them. A huge element is that their necklines are flattering, the white or crystal panels they use draw creates an illusion of fully bust, slimmer waist. They also have a good eye for details, through these panels, buttons, chains/ stones they use as well as the little silver heart at the back of Luisa Maria Lugli resort dresses. I also love that they have matching jersey scarfs that go with the swimsuits in case you want to cover up your hips. While the designs may look too classic, they’re very sexy and truly flattering.


  • They fit really well

Now that’s a tricky part for most brands when order online. The last swimwear I ordered online from Agent Provocateur didn’t satisfy me. In fact, it lays beautifully in my drawer because their largest size is apparently not large enough for me.. and I’m a US 12. That’s not small, but neither is it huge. On the other hand, the large from both Unimar Beachwear and Luisa Maria Lugli fit beautifully. To be very specific, given that I’m medium busted, the bra cups were a tiny bit big but I loved that they gave me beautiful coverage. I didn’t have to worry about having everything out on display. The underwears were perfect and so where the full piece swimsuits.

  • They have crystals

I use crystals in my hand-embroidered gowns as they give me incredible energy and make me happy. Crystals reflect my lifestyle and happy soul. I couldn’t have been any happier to see some of their designs having crystals all over them in tasteful colors.


  • They’re made in Italy

My upcoming collections will be made in Italy not only because of Italy’s refined quality, but most importantly because of the heritage that comes with each produced piece. During my trip to Riccione and meeting all the Italian suppliers, I was struck by how proud Italians are of their production and they should be! So for me, a piece Made in Italy is worth a lot.


  • They’re affordable luxury

Unimar Collection runs between 80 and a 100 Euro. That’s an average of 380 AED, which is pretty affordable. Luisa Maria Lugli ranges between 120 and 160 Euros, in other words an average of 585 AED, also a good investment for a beautiful luxury swimsuit/ beach wear.

I recommend you check them out on the 14th and 15th of November in Dubai during the International Apparel and Textile Fair that takes place at the Dubai World Trade Center. Alternatively, check out their websites and contact their customer service.

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