My 10-years journey with hair removal

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Courtesy of Hikmat Wehbi

Since I heard about laser and IPL for hair removal, I was up for it. I wasn’t even married back then, that was a decade ago. While I had known a few things about the side effects of such hair removal treatments, I sought after clinics with good reputations. Among many different clinics that I’ve been treated at, I went once to a clinic owned by Dr. Minal, whose specialty was the side effects of laser and IPL treatments. Over the years, came an investment of thousands of Dirhams. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you that I had spent at least 60,000 – 80,000 AED on those treatments over the past 10 years. That’s an average of 19,000 USD!


As I was setting a reminder on my calendar to take another laser appointment, since I still have undone areas after all this time, I received a gift. It wasn’t just any gift, I received a Braun Silk Expert IPL to review. First of all, I believe in the law of attraction. I wanted a solution for my hair removal issue and I got it. Secondly, I chose not to review this product until I tried it and was happy with it. Because I love sharing my experience with people, I’ll tell you key points you’ll need to keep in mind when using it.


Here are some tips for a better hair removal treatment experience

  • Shave ONLY the areas with hair. Example, If you have a single hair on your chin that you want to get rid off, use an electric razor with a micro head to shave that hair. Don’t use a normal razor that will shave off the thin hair and make it grow thicker.
  • Mark the areas you want to treat in small circles or parts and then divide them in to smaller sections to avoid doing the same area twice
  • The Braun Silk Expert IPL transmits very strong light that could be disturbing to the eyes especially when you’re doing the treatment on your own face. My advise is to cover your eyes with a sleeping mask and let someone else do it on you.
  • Use ice in a medical glove the moment you’re done for at least 30 minutes. I found that to sooth my face.
  • Have an Aloe Vera gel in your fridge to apply after the IPL treatment, or use Fucidin cream. Then apply ice on it again.


A couple of cool things I found in the Braun Silk Expert IPL device were, first of all, its skin tone sensitive. That means it adapts the light intensity accordingly, which ultimately protects you from getting skin burns. It only flashes (in other words it only works), when its in full contact with your skin, so you’re safe!

You can purchase your own Braun IPL device here.

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