5 makeup tips that WOWed me!

aiisha-ramadanIts one thing to have awesome products and its another thing to get seriously cool advise on how to utilize these products to the best of their abilities. Hence make it worth spending every penny over them. Makeup artist Hanya from WOW by Wojooh gave me some of the coolest makeup tips after I met her over a consultation and makeup application using their latest products.

Makeup Tip 1: How to best utilize your products

Get this: Hanya advises that I use the light shade from my sculpting kit from WOW by Wojooh as a concealer as well as a highlighter and for contouring. For someone like me, real busy with amateur interest in makeup, it’s not easy to carry every product I realistically need in my bag. So utilizing each of my products for multi purposes is fantastic for me.


Makeup Tip 2: 3 incredible ways to use your WOW by Wojooh new product Master Finish – Oil Free Makeup Fixer Spray

  • Moisturise your face, yes it will do that successfully in case you don’t have your own creme with you
  • Fix your makeup after you’re done
  • Interestingly, if you dip your brush in your eye shadow, for instance, and spray it from far with the Master Finishing Oil Free Makeup Fixer, it will give the product a metallic touch, ending up with 2 choices instead of one.
  • Spray your sponge before you blend your makeup, it doesn’t absorb the makeup while blending it smoothly and beautifully



Makeup Tip 3: Don’t be scared of orange eyeshadow

Use the orange shade as your eyeshadow base to correct dark tones and warm the colors that will come on top. Now that’s something I’ve always been scared of; orange, rose and purple eyeshadows, often reminded me of old movies when all I could see was a set of deep blue eye shadow paired with blood red lipstick. Horrific!


Makeup Tip 4: Enjoy your makeup despite your oily skin complexion!

Simply and easy,if you suffer oily skin that may ruin your makeup, apply either the linen mattifying sheets SOS Shine Patrol from WOW by Wojooh to control the oil or even better use the Shine Patrol Instant Oil Eraser for a long lasting effect. You may apply it under your foundation as a primer and for touch-ups apply over your makeup, either way, it will nourish and moisturize your skin due to its beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E and Shea Butter.



Makeup Tip 5: Perfect way to fix your eyebrows

Prior to meeting Hanya, I used to go for one of the darker shades throughout my eyebrows and actually felt sorry for the remaining 3 shades that will go wasted. Then Hanya gave me a tip that saved my kit from going to waste. Start with the lighter shade at the beginning of my eyebrow (towards the center of my face), go a shade darker for the middle and all the way to the darkest shade towards the end of my eyebrow. The result is magnificent. Natural and beautiful.

Another point on that eyebrows topic, makeup artist Hanya always begins with the eyebrows before anything else! That was so unexpected but apparently it plans your makeup and the shades you’ll be using better.


On a separate note, from what I’ve tried, I fell in love with their mascara. With all honesty, its one of the best I’ve ever used due to its brush. Insane result.


Those are some truly great makeup tips that I started applying and it makes a huge difference. Try them and enjoy the results!

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