AIISHA by Sami Amin

Last year I purchased about 12 of Sami Amin genuine leather and hand-made bags. That was no ordinary customer’s order. The fact is that it was a gift to myself and an appetizer to a totally new direction in my fashion career. Though I had the vision nearly from the start, I wasn’t sure about how the Egyptian designer behind the brand Sami Amin, would feel about it.

Thankfully, the designer and his team were very receptive but weren’t sure about how mixing both our DNA’s will look. Mine is as you may know, swings by a lot of Swarovski crystals and pearls, and Sami Amin is known for his hand made brass and genuine leather aesthetic. I wanted to test the products and see how they feel in real life. So we designed 3 different styles of clutches that come in brass along with either black or cognac genuine leather, 2 headbands, and 1 statement bracelet.

To cut a long story short, anywhere I went out wearing any of these AIISHA by Sami Amin products, ladies present around me snatched the products from me to snapchat them and photograph them. They’re so eye catching, to say the least, and are absolutely unique. Both Sami Amin and I were very pleased with the results and the feedback for this beautiful collaboration.

Due to the antique nature and the multi colored Swarovski crystals in those accessories, you can easily style your look with them whether you go for a printed look or a plain one. I personally liked them more with the plain looks as they’re truly pieces of art and stand out pretty well, so I wouldn’t want to create a clash.

Every piece is hand made with a cage and floral inspiration and takes around 2 weeks to be made. To protect your valuable products from getting lost, each clutch has a small leather wallet inside it.

Our AIISHA by Sami Amin line will be sold online soon. Meanwhile, clients my place orders directly through us.

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