About Aiisha

This blog is about my fashion brand, the world’s fashion that I witness, events I visit, colors, style, icons, beauty in any way, shape or form, and anything on my mind, it’s about everything I believe in.

If you’re in Dubai, you should check out my Couture and Bridal collections at FROST Boutique. We also custom-make at FROST Boutique. In April 2013, I launched my first ever high-end ready-to-wear line I by Aiisha. This line is available at different boutiques in the UAE and the USA and hopefully soon around the world.

On my website, you’ll find my collections and all the celebrities who have worn my fashion. On the blog, you’ll find the stories behind these collections and celebrities. I love collaborating with other brands and people who have left a mark in my life and I surely love sharing these stories with you.

I’ve been married to an amazing man since 2008. A man I can’t stopped learning from and loving every minute. I love him and I hate him and I don’t want to imagine every breath without him in my life.Take my word, nourish your loyalty to those who gave you from themselves asking for nothing in return. This is where the idea of this blog originated from…to thank everyone who has ever supported me.

For more information about AIISHA, go to www.aiisha.com