About Aiisha

AIISHA RAMADAN is a Lebanese fashion designer based in the United Arab Emirates, who launched her own clothing brand in 2006. She has won a number of prestigious awards such as Young Designer of the Year by Swarovski, named one of 30 Most Awesome Women in the Arab World in 2009 by Arabian Woman Magazine and won the Gr8! Women Achiever Awards in 2011. Global brands from different segments including beauty and technology have trusted and partnered with the designer on internationally recognized projects, making her one of the most influential woman from the Middle East. Her most recent partnership is with Dhamani, one of the most successful businesses in the international jewelery industry, as well as supporting the leading make up and beauty brand Shiseido in launching their A/W’15 product range. The AIISHA RAMADAN label is the epitome of modern design. The beautiful crafted garments speak to the feminine woman across the world. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Aguilera, Charlize Theron and Paris Hilton have adopted the label, which has gained international popularity for its elegant, yet sultry look. Behind each AIISHA RAMADAN collection are the fruits of self-reflection, that resulted in bridging Ramadan’s passion for extravagant couture with her own personal style, spontaneous attitude and consistent love of life. As an influential woman, emphasis is on individuality, freedom of expression, self-acceptance and celebration, all portrayed in the usage of high-quality materials, clean lines with layered details - simple, refined, elegant, effortless and timeless. Ramadan’s past collections have focused more on couture pieces, however Ready to Wear is now the main direction for the AIISHA RAMADAN brand. Ramadan felt that it was important to create collections that allowed her to reach a wider audience and showcase her more contemporary signature. In 2013, Ramadan was scouted by global fashion industry expert Asil Attar, whose business Est2014 (Establish 2014) is designed to scout the premier emerging fashion designers from the Middle East and beyond, with a vision to empower the new generation of designers, fostering their potential and launching them as regional and International future heritage labels. This blog is about Aiisha's personal fashion journey and her own perspective experiencing everything beautiful.


Aiisha Ramadan hair

Challenges that Joelle Mardinian and I face to keep our hair healthy

The knowledge of protecting our skin from the sun is a pretty common information. What’s interesting is that people don’t often consider the same advise when it comes to their hair and they wonder why it could become dry. UV rays can be very harsh on your hair as much as they are on your skin. Pair that with humidity and you get unpleasant dry and frizzy results increasing hair fall and even damaged hair roots.

I have been using Pantene Clinicare for my hair for years now … Read more...


Tweet- Aiisha Ramadan_111615


It looks like my favorite skirt from my ‘City Lights’ A/W16 collection is having a spot light moment. Last week it was featured in the music video of Rachel Platten for Stand by you. Few days later, recording artist Tweet wore the same number for the cover of her new album Charlene. In the new Tweet album, she looks absolutely stunning with the right hair, makeup and attitude, its all beautiful.

I also love the bold yet simple and clean combination of this skirt. Its attention grabbing and you can easily pair it with … Read more...

Nesreen Tafish dazzles in AIISHA RAMADAN

نسرين طافش تختار فستان كوتور ذهبي من تصميم عايشة رمضان في حفل اوسكار العطور الدولي في دبي

جمال هذه الفستان ليس فقط في تفاصيله وتطريز اليد بل هو أيضا في قصته ال”ديتا” من قصات عايشة رمضان الأيقونة ذات الأكمام الطويلة والقصة المستقيمة من الأوراك الى الأرض. على الرغم من أنه مقفل من الأمام فهو مفتوح الظهر. نسرين طافش هي احدى المشاهير العرب الأقلة اللاتي يسرني دائما أن أراهن يزين تصميماتي. فهي جميلة قلبا و قالبا

Nesreen Tafish wearing Aiisha Ramadan Gold

Beautiful Syrian/ Palestinian actress Nesreen Tafish graces the Fragrance Oscars red carpet wearing an AIISHA RAMADAN golden couture dress.

This “Dita” cut never fails to …


When winter knocks the door, I go for.. Aldo boots and accessories

No, I don’t enjoy my skin getting dry from the extreme cold. I don’t enjoy feeling the chill in my bones. And I’m really not thrilled about having to hold an umbrella all the time (when I’m in Europe).

But I love how the warm soup calms me down. I love how TV channels air a lot of movies about Christmas and New Year as it calls for family gatherings. Most of all, I love putting on my leather boots, scarf, stockings and layering my clothes with my … Read more...

Rachel Platton wears AIISHA RAMADAN in her new music video


Rachel Platten Aiisha Ramadan

A couple of days back I thought about one of my iconic skirts from my AW15 collection, City Lights, that represented my re-branding and wondered who which celebrity would wear it. Its such a beautiful skirt made of black crepe and white piping and it was definitely the highlight of my collection.

This morning, I woke up to the news that recording acrtist Rachel Platton wore that very skirt for her new music video Stand By You.

Rachel Platton Stand by You official video clip

Its the first time I hear about Rachel but I believe that it won’t … Read more...