How to book Spa and Beauty appointments online!

book Spa and Beauty appointments with vaniday

How I used to book spa and beauty appointments

Like many other women, I used to contact my favorite hair salon or spa 3 to 4 weeks ahead of time to book my appointments and they are normally more than 15 KM away from me. But what if I need an appointment for tomorrow.. or for today? What if I’m very restricted with my location? This is where Vaniday application became my preferred way to book spa and beauty appointments online.

Vaniday is a Beauty Spot, a melting online point where some of your favorite spa and beauty salons can … Read more...

Ann Chery UAE promises results

Ann Chery UAE promises you a smaller waist

Who doesn’t love a flatter belly and a more refined posture? Ever since I learned about the 19th century, I was obsessed with corsets. So obsessed that I named my workshop Corset Fashions and have been building them into the majority of my couture dresses to give its wearer a flatter belly. There’s also the individual corsets under the name of Latex Waist Cinchers available at Ann Chery UAE distributer LeCorset Shop and which were worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian and that happens to be my favorite product from this … Read more...

Where to find luxury sleepwear online

FullSizeRender_4Here is a little secret about me

A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets. For me, some of my deepest darkest secrets would change people’s lives. Others are much more intimate. Unless I have an event, I lean towards the comfortable look during the day. However, I make it all up in the evening. This means I put on my makeup, wear my luxury sleepwear, put on my candles and enjoy the rest of the evening.


Pajamas don’t normally fall into my luxury sleepwear patterns, I like them but I prefer to wear what makes me feel feminine. … Read more...


When winter knocks the door, I go for.. Aldo boots and accessories

No, I don’t enjoy my skin getting dry from the extreme cold. I don’t enjoy feeling the chill in my bones. And I’m really not thrilled about having to hold an umbrella all the time (when I’m in Europe).

But I love how the warm soup calms me down. I love how TV channels air a lot of movies about Christmas and New Year as it calls for family gatherings. Most of all, I love putting on my leather boots, scarf, stockings and layering my clothes with my … Read more...


As I was revamping my blog, I realized that I have either missed blogging on the below or that I have mistakenly deleted it.
Either way, I’m glad.

As I was still establishing myself in the world of dressing celebrities a few years back, Zendaya Coleman was a young starlet with a lot of aspiration, class and talent to share with the world. As I went through her photos with her entourage prepping her for the NAACP awards and the after party, wearing AIISHA RAMADAN for both events, I thought to myself “WOW! The sky is the limit for this … Read more...