I by Aiisha – SS14 Primrose Path

While each person sees beauty in their own way, I see it in the surface of water and listen to it in the sound of wind hitting the tree branches. I take real pleasure in staring at human’s pupil and compare its beauty to a land with lines of rivers and mountains. I appreciate the complex process that results in a experiment of different colors.










This collection embraces the Primrose Path of everything beautiful I see, feel and breathe.

Like a movie in my head, I saw the high contrast of colors, characters experimenting with their bodies, one’s side and their vices. I saw my character’s own face in the mirror reflecting a different personality to the one standing. Like my collection, each piece appeals to contrasting personalities, and contrasting styles, appeal to the same personality.






The use of eco-friendly premium quality textiles was evident. Moving towards a more responsible and simple state of mind in a world full of complications. This collection enjoyed neon colors as well as classic tones. Silk, French laces, guipure and jacquards were the core textiles of this collection. Clean lines remain the essence of I by Aiisha without leaving out the beauty of soft silks creating a vision and feel of luxury.










Sales, Marketing & PR Contact:

Yulia Storozheva: yulia.s@lead-associates.com

Special thanks to Cottage Chic for their constant support and for the beautiful location of our photoshoot.

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Kristin Chenoweth wears AIISHA at the Golden Globe Awards 2014!

For a beautiful 2014 start,

Gorgeous celebrity Kristin Chenoweth was spotted wearing Aiisha Ramadan latest collection.
I by Aiisha’s iconic Dita gown in cobalt blue was spotted on American actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth at the Golden Globe Awards 2014.
Quoting Kristin’s stylist, “Kristin Chenoweth is obsessed with AIISHA and is so happy with the looks” that she tempted herself with another I by Aiisha deep low back Victoria gown for her performance at the UNICEF Gala last night.
 Thank you Kristin for choosing AIISHA!

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Raya Abirached wears AIISHA Couture to AGT Finale!

Raya Abirached wore a charcoal fully beaded AIISHA couture gown to the finale of the Arab’s Got Talent. That was a new take for Raya and I salute her for it! Raya has been maintaining her classy style while giving us something new every now and then. Hope you like her look like I do!

Raya Abi Rached wears AIISHA

Raya Abirached wears AIISHA Couture


Beautiful Raya, thank you as always for choosing AIISHA!

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Aiisha in AL-Sahafa USA!

I had the pleasure of virtually meeting the www.al-sahafa.us Editor-in-chief Ms. Fatina Salaheddine on Twitter, who planned my interview with Rosanna Akhavan. It was a very light and transparent conversation and it felt like I’ve known Rosanna forever!

Its quite detailed and put together in a very lovely way. Read on..

Fashion & Lifestyle - page 12

Fashion & Lifestyle - page 13

Thank you Fatina and Rosanna for such a lovely interview!


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WIN a Lolita Lempicka Cuff and Perfume!

WIN this limited edition Lolita Lempicka gold plated cuff AND the latest fragrance Elle L’aime by commenting on my instagram post stating “what special occasion you would wear the Lolita Lempicka cuff to”. To quality, make sure to hashtag #AiishaLovesLolita

LL gold-plated cuff

Elle Laime

Here are the Terms & Conditions:

- Comment on my instagram post stating “what special occasion you would wear the Lolita Lempicka cuff to”

-  Mention @aiisharamadan and #AiishaLovesLolita on Instagram and Twitter in order to find your post

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- This competition ends on the 26th of December

- Winner will be contacted for their location to ship the prize wherever they are!

- Any entry that doesn’t meet these terms and conditions will not be considered.


Enjoy and good luck!


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Raya Abirached wears I by Aiisha at the AGT!

Its no surprise that I love dressing Raya Abirached and she loves to wear AIISHA. It was also beautiful to see her in one of my cocktail numbers from the I by Aiisha “Mirror” collection we launch showcased last April. Raya accessorized the look with Azza Fahmi jewelry, which I thought was very beautiful and gave the look a fierce effect.

Raya Abirached wears I by Aiisha

Raya Abirached wears I by Aiisha

Raya Abirached behind the scenes in I by Aiisha

Raya Abirached behind the scenes in I by Aiisha

raya AGT

This lady looks beautiful in anything she wears simply because of her character and pure beauty. She’s got a skin complexion that works with a lot of colors and textures and ultimately makes it more fun to dress her.

I love you Raya!

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FACES Makeup Competition on MBC TV – 5th Challenge

This week featured the top 4 makeup artists who made it through out FACES competition on MBC TV, Saba Al Kheir Ya Arab segment every Sunday. As a judge, its getting harder every week to eliminate especially because not only are all the makeup artists improving, but also because we are getting really used to them. This week’s challenge was GLITTER.

Looks like Risellene took my feedback from last week seriously and pushed herself where she delivered a creative output of a woman made of ice. In reality, Risellene coated the lips and eyebrowse with sugar and broke that look with a pink eyeshadow. I personally loved it!

Makeup by Risellene

Makeup by Risellene

As for Namareq, she did an impeccable job. I have to point out that the pictures don’t give the real work justice. Namareq challenged herself where she created a hand-made mask of glitter going gradually from blue to purple (again, that’s not shown in the photo). After all this work, she delivered a clean picture of perfection revolving around the carnaval theme. This by far was the most difficult look and she nailed it.

Makeup by Namareq

Makeup by Namareq


Lina has a stamp called: Let me do your makeup, let me make you gorgeous! Lina took what she does best and added a fantasy of glitter mix on the face that spoke royal beauty. I simply love her work!

Makeup by Lina

Makeup by Lina


Anje on the other hand understood the theme, delivered a clean work and upgraded her level. Unfortunately, she was eliminated this week due to her limited creativity in this look. Anje has a classic approach that I personally admire. However, the stakes are too high right now and the artists shouldn’t play it safe. They should push themselves and get out of their element. Hard luck to Anje, I wish her all the best!

Makeup by Anje

Makeup by Anje

Last week’s eliminated contestant was Hadjira, who I asked her to do the work and send me photos of the out come. Hadjira went for a beautiful romantic look but still kept it safe lacked perfection. Notice the similarity between Anje’s and Hadjira’s makeup.

Makeup by Hadjira

Makeup by Hadjira

Next week’s challenge is all about GOLD! That, I can’t wait to see! See you next Sunday.

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FACES Makeup Competition on MBC TV – 1st Challenge

The first week’s challenge on FACES makeup competition on MBC TV “Sabah Alkheir Ya Arab” program was about the “Dreamy bride”.

As one of the 3 judges, I’ll be sharing with you my views on looks by the makeup artists. For me, the below were the top looks by Lina Hussein and Risllene.


Lina gave me a glow in the model’s face by emphasizing on the eyes and contouring the face in such a magical way. It was my favorite look by far.


Risllene seems to be the one who understood the “Dreamy Bridal” message that we were trying to get out of this competition. She had beautiful and clean complexion, and overall her makeup was very dreamy.

Makeup by Risellene

Makeup by Risellene

The rest of the contestants, such as Ange, Lina Zoghaib and Hadjira, also gave a beautiful results. Unfortunately, each week, one makeup artist will be eliminated. This week’s challenge resulted in Rasha being eliminated. Hard luck for Rasha.

Makeup by Rasha

Makeup by Rasha

This challenge also shed the light on 2 looks that I thought could have been perfect. Namariq went oriental which I didn’t mind. It was the red lipstick that killed it for me not just because red isn’t dreamy at all, but because the model’s lips were too thin and dark red lips will make them look even thinner.

Makeup by Namareq

Makeup by Namariq

As for Raffle, everything was perfect until she drew the flowers on the model’s face. It was definitely dreamy and its good for each artist to have her own identity, but she has to ask herself if a real bride will actually want drawings on her face. Apart from that it was a really beautiful makeup.

Makeup by Raffle

Makeup by Raffle

Next week’s challenge is not an easy one, its the “Mysterious Arabic” with blue being the main ingredient of the color palette.

Good luck all!

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Makeup competition by FACES on MBC TV!

Every Sunday on MBC TV, Sabah Al Kheir Ya Arab, FACES will be hosting a show where young talents compete to win the title of being the official makeup artist for FACES. Each week there will be a theme that the contestants should follow. I have had the pleasure to be invited as one of three judges on this weekly reality tv competition.

Below is the intro episode for this beautiful competition that aired Sunday 12th May.

This weeks theme was “Dreamy Bridal”. I can’t wait to share with you the results!

I look forward to learning interesting techniques and to find an incredible talent to work with on my upcoming projects. Above all, I love everything that brings out the best in people and that supports talent.

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AIISHA launches: I by Aiisha “Mirror”

I finally launched my first ever high-end ready-to-wear line I by Aiisha and little did I know it would take the Middle East by storm! Women are hungry for pieces with class and quality for everyday and I’m giving it to them. After realeasing our I by Aiisha video campaign for our collection titled “Mirror” with celebrities Joelle Mardinian, Asma Lmnawar, Mohamad Abuobeid and Arjan Bajwa, it was time to give Dubai a real taste of my new line.

The story of this line is about women’s individuality and evolution. With simplistic lines, statement colours and structured fit, this line suits women with differing needs, backgrounds and tastes. Specifically, the ‘Mirror’ collection reveals the 2 sides of every story and multitude of characters that each person can embody.










Our vision for the brand came to life with support from the Infiniti Centre, part of the Arabian Automobiles Co. A powerful, luxurious and classy brand, these same elements are incorporated within our ‘Mirror’ collection. Months of hard work and planning was facilitated with the cutting edge technology of the Blackberry Z10. Wella Koleston crowned the models and Asma Lmnawar’s hair with trendy hair styles reflected in clean lines of perfection. Revlon was a trendsetter painting the models nails with black French manicure on nude base.


Revlon also touched the models faces and Asma Lmnawar’s with brushes of beauty marking fierce cat eyes on structured nude faces. 5 star catering DISH and Voss water from Norway treated invitees with a refined taste and refreshing water.






Select invitees received their invitations with a special treat that made their hearts beat so fact! A beautiful La Prairie gift bag!

La Prairie

Finally, I wish to thank my partners, press & media, family & friends for their amazing support! I couldn’t have done it without you.


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