Grazia Awards Nominations

Its time of the year where fans nominate their favorite designers and boutiques for the Grazia Style Awards. If you have a minute, please nominate me Aiisha Ramadan in the “Best Regional Designer” section and Frost boutique for the “Best Boutique

Thank you always!

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Aiisha and Evian – Live Young and Give Back..

Like I mentioned before, Evian initiated a Live Younger campaign in Dubai following their most watched Ad video (Over 22 million viewers till this post date)  on You Tube (Evian Roller Babies)


Evian asked Dubai’s top designers to recreate the Evian Live Younger T-Shirt, and it was showcased at the Dubai Fashion Week that recently took place and auctioned the T-Shirts for the benefit of Dubai Cares, whose project for 2010 is to secure clean drinking water for children in schools globally.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the show where my T-shirt was the show’s opener but I heard that mine was the favorite of many as it incorporated the Aiisha’s favorite elements, sexy romance, ruffles and powder tones. Other designers did some really cool job as well.

Evian Live Young

Evian Live Young Campaign

Auction was held at the trendy Carbon 12 Gallery in Al-Quoz

Aiisha's Evian Live Young T-Shirt on DFW 2010 Catwalk

Aiisha Evian T-Shirt @ the auction

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Aiisha in Desert Fish Magazine

It was interesting to be at the Galeries Lafayette fashion show and have my hand on Desert Fish which had the below full page:

Aiisha Ramadan in Desert Fish

In terms of content, again, I speak my mind about fashion in Dubai and how it should and can get better.

Aiisha Ramadan

I won’t talk much about fashion
week, exhibitions and buyers because
the problem in all of them are related
to a single core and to one another. The
entire concept of fashion weeks and
exhibitions in the UAE is new (4 –
5 years in not old enough) and has
been based on wrong foundations
in some ways and has had plenty of
great potential in a handful of ways.

I believe that the core is all down to
when we form a fashion designers
organization that would regulate, set
standards and look after its members,
only then the UAE fashion will take a
very different path. With that comes
an education to the society to
appreciate and being proud of their
designers. It’s a mentality change
that we have to build and lead in order for us to
break from the routine of the domination of
the international brands from Chanel to H&M.
Eventually, the UAE will develop an identity
of which it will be known for.
When the identity is strong enough,
clear and unique in its own way,
only then the UAE fashion can invade the world.

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Golden Days of DFW: Aiisha and NOKIA (Retrospective)

Yesterday was the last day at the DFW for the season. I haven’t been part of the DFW for a couple of years as it was time for change; however, my T-Shirt design was the opener at the Evian Fashion show where 15 designers participated in benefit for Dubai Cares Charity Foundation. I will post a separate thread for that with photos.

This year, the DFW happens to go under fire as the fashionistas have had enough. If you go back in my blog, you’ll find 2 posts (about a year old) addressing the issues that should be taken into consideration when trying to elevate the standards of the DFW: and

This is when I remembered the good times, the golden ones, when my first mega collaboration was with Nokia where the show was strong because of the theme and the designs, Nokia’s presence, PR and continuing efforts in taking the show around the Middle East (Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Pakistan).

Prism Geometric

Prism Geometric Mini Dress

My entire collection was inspired by the Nokia Prism 7900 handset. It was one of Nokia’s first fashion attempts in the region and it was carried out with me during the Dubai Fashion Week in 2007. As mentioned before, the collection then toured the Gulf and Middle East and it was a great success. Later the same year, I was invited to be the pioneer designer of the Super Nova collection at the La Destination Design de Nokia – Marrakech. That too was a beautiful experience.

In terms of the designs, they were inspired by the Prism’s geometric shapes, elegance, black basic colors and from the 42 built in colors that reflect on the phone’s keypad, I chose purple, blue, silver and rainbow.

Watch highlights from the fashion show below:


Going back to the DFW, I’ve said enough.. a year ago and much more to the press all along. Now, I sit and watch hoping for progress. Until then, my collaborations will keep going on and my private fashion shows will stay.. private.

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