AIISHA launches: I by Aiisha “Mirror”

I finally launched my first ever high-end ready-to-wear line I by Aiisha and little did I know it would take the Middle East by storm! Women are hungry for pieces with class and quality for everyday and I’m giving it to them. After realeasing our I by Aiisha video campaign for our collection titled “Mirror” with celebrities Joelle Mardinian, Asma Lmnawar, Mohamad Abuobeid and Arjan Bajwa, it was time to give Dubai a real taste of my new line.

The story of this line is about women’s individuality and evolution. With simplistic lines, statement colours and structured fit, this line suits women with differing needs, backgrounds and tastes. Specifically, the ‘Mirror’ collection reveals the 2 sides of every story and multitude of characters that each person can embody.










Our vision for the brand came to life with support from the Infiniti Centre, part of the Arabian Automobiles Co. A powerful, luxurious and classy brand, these same elements are incorporated within our ‘Mirror’ collection. Months of hard work and planning was facilitated with the cutting edge technology of the Blackberry Z10. Wella Koleston crowned the models and Asma Lmnawar’s hair with trendy hair styles reflected in clean lines of perfection. Revlon was a trendsetter painting the models nails with black French manicure on nude base.


Revlon also touched the models faces and Asma Lmnawar’s with brushes of beauty marking fierce cat eyes on structured nude faces. 5 star catering DISH and Voss water from Norway treated invitees with a refined taste and refreshing water.






Select invitees received their invitations with a special treat that made their hearts beat so fact! A beautiful La Prairie gift bag!

La Prairie

Finally, I wish to thank my partners, press & media, family & friends for their amazing support! I couldn’t have done it without you.


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AIISHA RAMADAN fashion show in Paris!

AIISHA RAMADAN to represent Middle East’s Prêt-à-Por​ter at Paris fashion phenomenon on the Seine

Jessica wears AIISHA for ELLE Magazine

Global fashion show organizer and model Jessica Minh Anh has picked me as her favourite UAE’s celebrity designer to represent Prêt-à-Porter sector from the Middle East at the highly anticipated J Spring Fashion Show on the famous River Seine in Paris on 30 May 2013. This marks the second collaboration between Jessica and Aiisha after the incredible J Winter Fashion show on Costa Atlantica took place in Dubai via Frost Boutique.

This exclusive VIP and press event is a part of Jessica’s series of unique catwalks at the most extraordinary venues worldwide following the grand success on London Tower Bridge, PETRONAS Twin Towers’ Skybridge, and Costa Atlantica in Dubai.

My latest ready-to-wear collection will be showcased on a 90 metre floating catwalk on the Seine’s giant glass boat Le Jean Bruel with the natural backdrop being architectural wonders such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre.

“I am not only a fan of Aiisha Ramadan’s clean cut and unique designs, which greatly accentuate a woman’s body, but also impressed with the way she operates her business. Being a young talent, she has definitely taken advantage of the latest technology and social media to share her vision to the fashion world.” said Jessica Minh Anh, who is featured in ELLE Hong Kong this month wearing my AIISHA Couture sculpture signature dress. I by Aiisha collection will command its presence on the Seine in Paris with creative dimensions, strong colours, and impeccable tastes.

Parisian can also take a glance at some of the most unique pieces from the catwalk at the mini exhibition between 1 and 15 June 2013 at Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe, the Official Hotel Partner of J Spring Fashion Show.

Thank you Jessica, Frost and Paris for this dream to come true!





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2nd Video Campaign: “I by Aiisha – Mirror”

In line with my tradition of innovation and unique collaborations, ‘I by Aiisha’ was launched with a video campaign featuring a host of celebrities including beauty expert and TV presenter Joelle Mardinian, singer Asmaa Lmnawar, TV Presenter Mohamad Abu Obeid, Bollywood actor Arjan Bajwa and myself. This video featured these celebrities unique and personal opinions of how to define style.

I love the fact that Mohamad Abuobeid spoke about how its not an obstacle for a woman wearing a veil to look stylish. Asmaa spoke about how essential it is for her style to reflect her identity as a Moroccan singer. Joelle gave tips on how to change an entire look by changing her accessories and shoes. Arjan stated that he’s a classic guy who has an eye for details.



I can’t thank these beautiful people enough for their support and for voicing out their opinions on fashion and style through my I by Aiisha video campaign. Everyone of us has a protagonist and antagonist inside. Without good there is no bad and vice versa. The art is to embrace both and learn how to harmonize the opposites within oneself. With this collection I wanted to reveal the simpler side of me. One that gave me balance.


arjan bajwa

I will post a video with the collection from the fashion show very soon. Stay tuned!

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Raya Abirached wears AIISHA to the Golden Globes 2013

Today I celebrate my 30th birthday.

Little did I know that at 30 I’ll be having a life full of challenges, happiness and success.

Its a formula that each and every one of this email’s readers has participated in. Thank you.

My first received gift was seeing Raya Abirached wearing AIISHA last night at the Golden Globes 2013. The dress witnessed a major public affection as I sat down last night reading all the tweets.

Raya Abirached wears AIISHA
Raya wore a Couture champagne silk dress with a 3D beaded shoulder and looked like a Golden Globes winner herself. She was breath taking, magical and simply stunning!

Raya Abirached - Golden Globes 2013-1-
Raya Abirached is the Middle East’s sweetheart ambassador with her TV program Scoop and Arab’s Got Talent. You can follow Raya on twitter @Rayascoop

Thank you Raya for choosing AIISHA!

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Tiffany Hines in AIISHA

As I’m working on a million things at the same time, I haven’t been able to update my blog. In fact, our Facebook Fan Page has been taking plenty of my attention and the reason why I refuse – at this stage – to hand them over to a PR, is that my style is personal. I like to personally describe to you what I liked and what I loved.

This past year, many great events have taken place. Amazing celebrities wore my dresses, beautiful lines were created such as the bridal and more is to come. For now, let me share with you some of what has happened in 2012.

Tiffany Hines attended the The Youth Rock Awards in 2012 wearing an AIISHA Couture short dress. Tiffany is an American actress best known for her role as Michelle Welton on the Fox series Bones and Jaden on The CW’s Nikita. She also stars on the 4th season of 90210, one of my favorite series!

Thank you Tiffany and all who have made this look happen

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Atelier Versace – Paris Fashion Week 2012

To quickly wrap up what I saw at these fashion shows, Atelier Versace, was an amazing presentation of their Couture collection – however, I clearly saw the similarity between their colors and those of Elie Saab’s Couture collection from the past year with the Dove Grey being the main “new” color. I just wonder why the international press never points out such things while Elie Saab was accused of copying Chanel with his White collection.

The entire collection blinged heavily and was well structure. It also had a lot of the golden metal which Stephane Rolland also had in his fashion show during that fashion week.

Anyway, at the Versace fashion show, I saw Diane Kruger, Anna Wintour, Cameron Diaz, Anna Dello Russo  and Grace Cunningham. Here’s the glimpse I caught of Anna Wintour


Anna Wintour, Cameron Diaz, Donatella Versace

Anna Wintour

Grace ConninghamAnna Dello Russo

Diane Kruger


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Miss Universe 2011 wears another AIISHA

Miss Universe 2011, Leila Lopes, wore another AIISHA green dress during her visit to Gabon.

Check out her look when she wore AIISHA the first time:

Thank you Leila Lopes!

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AIISHA S/S 2012 in Paris

Aiisha White Dress

I have the pleasure to announce that our AIISHA S/S 2012 Couture collection Le Pouvoir De La Poudre will be presented in Paris for buyers to view from the 20th January until the 15th of February. The presentation coincides with the Paris Fashion Week as I’ll be there not only to meet buyers, but also to watch my favorite fashion shows like Elie Saab, Stephane Roland and George Hobeika.

Viewing our collection is by appointment only. Kindly contact us for appointments.

Contact details:

Twitter: @aiisharamadan

Email: Aiisha

This collection has participated in the latest edition of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, Ariel 3D fashion show that was hosted by June Ambrose, and will soon appear in a campaign that I can’t wait to share with the whole world. Check out more designs from our collection. Its romantic bold and simply beautiful.

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AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

Aiisha Ramadan walks the KFW runway

I had the pleasure to be invited to the Kazakhstan Fashion Week and without any hesitation I accepted the invitation. For one, women from Kazakhstan are some of the most beautiful ones in the world who adore fashion and actually appreciate it. Secondly, after consideration, we accepted the invitation especially that Kazakhstan is becoming a fashion destination. Finally, I wanted to try a place that not many people have tried. I like to be a pioneer in discovering places hungry for creativity and art. My expectations were exceeded a million times. The professionalism and reception that my team and I were welcomed with were beyond any experience I have ever had. The passion that everybody showed to the Kazakhstan Fashion Week, from the organizers, to the models to our personal assistants was by all measures something I will cherish for life and learn from everyday.

I showcased my latest collection Le Pouvoir de la Poudre, the dearest collection to my heart by far for the first time in full officially at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week. This collection is essentially inspired by powder visions I saw on the beaches of the Côte d’Azur. Tones that I breathed in the air of Paris. In short, I put my heart in this collection and whether you like it or not, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the work I put in it. Did I mention that it snowed for the first time on the day of my fashion show? About a month earlier than anticipated..

We had a 3-day-exhibition where we met with buyers, a press conference and my show was the second day’s Finale.

For my show, I had a casting for nearly 200 professional models, of which I chose 24 gorgeous girls that represented a variety of looks. I presented about 35 looks leaving out some of the structured pieces, which I will post separately.

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

The music my husband chose, left people talking about it. Here’s the full list:

Parov Stelar
Scratch Massive
Miguel Migs
Fantasize The Love
Gare Du Nord
The James Taylor Quartet
Nightcall (Feat. Lovefoxxx)
On S’En Fou
Chocolate Distance
Marko Bokun
Dita Dimone
Pop Levi
And for the Outro we chose an Intro, how convenient  
Intro – The xx

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

The part I mostly enjoyed was the choreography. I placed about 5 white lounge chairs on the beginning of the rectangular shaped 63 meters catwalk and had each model who didn’t have to change her outfit sit at or stand by the chair. By the end of the show, I had a perfect vision of princesses or mermaids, whatever you wanna call them, shaping the most perfect tableau. I swear that as I was doing my turn with Tunisian super model Faten and as I was approaching the girls seated as choreographed, I felt a thrill from the perfect vision I saw.

AIISHA Finale at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

This was my tableau, these were my girls so proud of wearing my collection, looking so perfect in every way.

My show had about 700 people turn up, people who didn’t know me, but they came to see what a UAE based designer would bring to the table. I heard the clapping throughout the show and I saw the excitement on people’s faces as I walked the runway barefoot to greet them. In short, it was a success!

I want to thank the entire team of the Kazakhstan Fashion Week and the great city of Almaty for making this a memorable experience to us.

In Dubai, this collection is Exclusively stocked at FROST boutique in Palmstrip Center, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai – UAE.

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The first ever 3D Virtual Fashion Show

A couple of months back, Procter & Gamble approached me for the first of its kind event in the world. The unique first EVER 3D Virtual Fashion Show to showcase a capsule from my upcoming collection “Le Pouvoir de la Poudre – The Power of Powder” as part of the main event star: Ariel 3D! Note that my collection’s name had already been set a while before this opportunity knocked my door as it was inspired by powder tones and the Côte d’Azur reflecting romantic yet powerful cuts.

I immediately said Yes! The hard part was keeping it a secret, but I did!

June Ambrose & Aiisha Ramadan

With Ariel goes deeper to make 3D history being the theme and inspired by the 3D revolution, Ariel is bringing real 3D innovation to the world of Fabrics and Fashion. Ariel scientists have used patented 3D tools and technology to gain a deeper understanding into fabrics, fibers, and stains, and have now developed a new deep cleaning formula; that penetrates deep into the layers to extract stains.

More than 150 people from more than 27 countries, most of them press and some celebrities such as Boy Abunda and Manish Malhotra, came together to be a part of Ariel’s global launch event. The event has already been mentioned in Forbes Magazine and Women’s Wear Daily.

With Ariel being pioneers in their own field, they extended their leadership to the first ever 3D Virtual Fashion Show produced by local company AIR, showcasing few pieces from my Couture collection and hosted by Hollywood celebrity stylist June Ambrose, who flew in from New York to be part of this special event wearing an AIISHA orange dress from the Love Affair collection. Everything in the fashion show was virtual and animated from the catwalk, to the models and myself greeting people on the runway, as well as the virtual kisses and rose petals, which took the viewers by surprise. These elements created depth and excitement.

June Ambrose and Aiisha Ramadan

Colorful 3D Glasses

Another highlight of the event was the 3D Projection Mapping of Ariel in collaboration with LG portraying the ‘Deepest Cleaning Test’ on a large building in a construction site in downtown Dubai produced by Muse Amsterdam. The “Deep Cleaning Test” stained the building with life-like forces of nature and pollution, then “cleaned” it like new.

I only work with brands I believe in. To prove how effective this new technology is, I accidentally got my jersey silk powder pink dress smudged with some Teriyaki sauce and black marks spread out (in the middle of the event) . Naturally I freaked out, but it was caught on camera how I got them off using Ariel 3D Microboosters! The product worked like a charm cleaning the stains preserving my delicate garment.

Many would wonder why Ariel collaborated with a Couture brand? Its simple. Even Couture needs to be cleaned and I choose to take the matters by hand!


The AIISHA collection presented at this fashion show will be officially launched in October in the UAE and in other parts of the world. Stay tuned as this is the dearest collection to my heart!


AIR, P&G and H&K - Some of many brains behind the event


I’d like to thank everybody who worked on this event and topping the list: P&G for their continuous support, H&K for a great opportunity, AIR for their first ever 3D production in the Middle East and June Ambrose for changing my life in a matter of few days.

More coverage of this unique event, including the video, soon.


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