Drop a dress size!

2 weeks after delivering my first baby, which was almost 11 months ago, I lost all the pregnancy weight but not the belly. Then through out the long working hours and the late dinners, I put on about 5KGs (that is around 10 pounds) and the belly noticeably grew bigger.
I lead a full time job at MBC TV besides my full time Fashion business, not to mention my daughter. I truly don’t have the luxury of consistently going to the gym and since I don’t cook, my eating habits are terrible simply because I get lost when I want to order.
To cut a long story shorter, I’ve decided to try BodySmart Dubai out since its said to be leaders in targeted body shaping with all natural methods allowing the individual to lose a minimum of 1/2 KG per week. I will be sharing my experience to the public along the way.
Targeted Weight to Lose: 9 – 12 KGs
Time Frame: 2 months (2 courses), 3 sessions per week
1) BODY LPG: An interesting method that breaks off your fat and prepares you for the HYPOXI for best results.
2) HYPOXI: Given that I’m a pear shape and my areas of concern are my lower abdomen and hips, the HYPOXI is my perfect partner as I cycle on it for half an hour at a moderate rate. It stimulates my circulation and pushes the fatty acids around my tummy & hips to my legs where it is burned off as energy.
Hpxi_ f03
3) FACE LPG: I like pampering myself, so this is where I get to see instant results of face radiation

My face during Face LPG treatment

After Face LPG, instant blood flow and radiance in my face

After Face LPG, instant blood flow and radiance in my face

Note: I’m committing to the guidelines by not indulging any solids within 2 hours and no carbohydrates within 4 hours from my HYPOXI session. As for the rest of the meals, I’m a carbs lover so that won’t go away but I’ll try to make wiser decisions by splitting my plate into (half veg/salad – quarter protein – quarter carbs), 1 cheating day is allowed.
I’m hoping that by the end of this course, I’ll be a success story that would inspire you.
Did I mention what a knowledgeable and incredibly nice team Bodysmart staff is?
- HYPOXI S120: AED 1800 (15 sessions)
- LPG Body: AED 3120 (12 sessions)
- LPG Face: AED 2280 (12 sessions)

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WIN a 500 AED Voucher with Centrepoint


Centrepoint and I are happy to announce my new contest for all my fans around the Middle East. Simply follow @Centrepointme and @aiisharamadan on Instagram and answer the following question:

What gift would you buy one a family member from Centrepoint and why?


Centrepoint is one of the largest retailers in the Middle East that is focused on Family, Fashion, One Destination.

Terms & Conditions:

- Each participant is entitled to one entry.

- Contest is open for everyone around the Middle East & Egypt

- Competition starts today, ends 11th December and I will select the winners with my favorite answers.


Good Luck!



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Aiisha in AL-Sahafa USA!

I had the pleasure of virtually meeting the www.al-sahafa.us Editor-in-chief Ms. Fatina Salaheddine on Twitter, who planned my interview with Rosanna Akhavan. It was a very light and transparent conversation and it felt like I’ve known Rosanna forever!

Its quite detailed and put together in a very lovely way. Read on..

Fashion & Lifestyle - page 12

Fashion & Lifestyle - page 13

Thank you Fatina and Rosanna for such a lovely interview!


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WIN a Lolita Lempicka Cuff and Perfume!

WIN this limited edition Lolita Lempicka gold plated cuff AND the latest fragrance Elle L’aime by commenting on my instagram post stating “what special occasion you would wear the Lolita Lempicka cuff to”. To quality, make sure to hashtag #AiishaLovesLolita

LL gold-plated cuff

Elle Laime

Here are the Terms & Conditions:

- Comment on my instagram post stating “what special occasion you would wear the Lolita Lempicka cuff to”

-  Mention @aiisharamadan and #AiishaLovesLolita on Instagram and Twitter in order to find your post

- Follow @aiisharamadan on Instagram and Twitter

- This competition ends on the 26th of December

- Winner will be contacted for their location to ship the prize wherever they are!

- Any entry that doesn’t meet these terms and conditions will not be considered.


Enjoy and good luck!


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Keri Hilson wears I by Aiisha

While I was giving my second collection from my recently launched ready-to-wear line I by Aiisha final finishing touches, my first collection is still harvesting its success in Hollywood!

On the 28th of August, singer and actress Keri Hilson looked gorgeous to perfection with her darker hair, long braids, beautiful gold accessories wearing a long black Dita gown from my I by Aiisha Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Keri kept it simple yet sophisticated.

Keri Hilson wears I by Aiisha

Keri was beautifully styled by Monica Rose as she arrived to the premiere for the third installment of the science fiction thriller “Riddick”, in which she plays “Shirah” a prisoner opposite action star Vin Diesel.

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Riddick" - Arrivals

To tell you more about the Dita dress, this is one of the most special pieces to my heart as it appeals to every woman. You can wear it open back with a long slit with the button loops acting as decorative elements, or you can close them for a more conservative look. The best thing about it is that its so simple and calls for statement accessories. I have made it in beautiful colors like cobalt blue, red, black and off white. I have to say that the Dita dress is the signature dress from I by Aiisha.


I by Aiisha - Dita FRONT

I by Aiisha - Dita BACK

Thank you Keri Hilson, Monica Rose and Style PR for a beautiful outcome.

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FACES Makeup Competition on MBC TV – 3rd Challenge

You remember how my career in fashion started? It was all about dressing my Barbie dolls using my aunt’s fabric left overs from her stitching days. With that, came a nostalgic challenge for this week on MBC TV with Faces: Barbie Makeup.

(Below is my look during this episode)

Aiisha Ramadan talking about Ange's makeup

Aiisha Ramadan talking about Ange’s makeup

One thing I have concluded from this week’s challenge is that creating a Barbie makeup is anything but easy. In fact, it takes few to get it right.

My favorite for this week’s challenge was Namareq. This girl is proving to have an eye for beauty, glamour and perfection. She not only got the theme to its core, but she also took a beautiful turn with accessorising her model making her look like one of the Barbie dolls I once had. Her work was impeccable.

Makeup by Namareq

Makeup by Namareq

My second favorite was Ange. At this stage, I have realized that Ange needs to step out of the box and push her boundaries to become a trendsetter not just a good makeup artist. I also have to admit that this was the beginning of her revolution. I just hope she keeps moving forward.

Makeup by Namareq

Makeup by Namareq

Risellene did a very different type of Barbie makeup. For some, it wasn’t at all a Barbie makeup. It was audacious, but not exactly where the theme was going. For others, she has broken the boundaries of a typical Barbie makeup, which was good. For me, it was good but didn’t stand out.

Makeup by Risellene

Makeup by Risellene

Lina surprised me this week. Although her model definitely looked like a doll, it definitely wasn’t a Barbie. It was perfect! It was everything I’d want to see in a “Fantasy Makeup”. However, for a Barbie’s makeup, it was too intense, heavy and overly contoured. I had mixed feelings about it as I truly loved it and she was by no means one of the worst looks. Having said that, among the 4 beautiful looks, she lost track of work from the original mission the most. Its also good for her to stay alert for future challenges as I want to see the best from her.

Makeup by Lina

Makeup by Lina

Hadjira was one of the bottom 3 in this episode. Her makeup was beautiful and clean, but it carried absolutely no Barbie effort. It was something a woman could wear on her daily activities. If time permits, a makeup artist should invest in her research once a client hands her out the brief. Till this moment, I haven’t seen real creativity from Hadjira and she needs to work on herself a lot more.

Makeup by Hadjira

Makeup by Hadjira

As for Raffle, who chose to withdraw from this competition for personal reasons, I have admired her bold creativity and theatrical approach. Raffle is a makeup artist with clear identity. For this challenge, Raffle gave a Barbie doll in her own way. However, technically, she should have done a better job knowing her level of work and her love for fantasy. Anyways, I only wish her best of luck in her future career.

Makeup by Raffle

Makeup by Raffle

Next week’s challenge is a favorite of mine: Glamour, or what I refer to as Retro. I can’t wait to see what each contestant will bring to the table.


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FACES Makeup Competition on MBC TV – 2nd Challenge

The second week’s challenge on FACES makeup competition airing every Sunday morning live on MBC TV “Sabah Alkheir Ya Arab” program was a tough one: “Mysterious Arabic” with blue being the main color.

I went for a retro glamorous look for this episode

I went for a retro glamorous look for this episode

I’m into simpler makeup, well toned face, contoured bones and defined eyes.. a flattering makeup. Makeup artists can easily take a very wrong direction with Mysterious Arabic. Unfortunately, some of the contestants took that path.

Some, on the other hand, nailed it and exceeded my expectations giving incredibly beautiful results! I was truly impressed.

My top choices where: Namareq and Lina Hussein. Each had her own style but both had clean work, spot on with the concept yet on an international level. Both executed elegant results.

Makeup by Namareq

Makeup by Namareq

Makeup by Namareq

Makeup by Namareq

Makeup by Lina Hussein

Makeup by Lina Hussein

Lina has a gift. She can transform any face into a beautiful one. In the first challenge, I wondered if the model’s natural beauty helped her out. It looks like I was wrong but I’ll only know for sure in the next challenge.

Makeup by Risellene

Makeup by Risellene

Risellene and Ange did beautiful work too but Risellene’s makeup didn’t exactly portray “Mysterious Arabic makeup”. It was more of a beautiful smokey makeup. Ange had beautiful results with the pop out turquoise and the beautifully toned face but I wish she could take more risk in the upcoming challenge.

Makeup by Ange

Makeup by Ange

I had mixed feelings about Hadjira’s makeup as she understood this week’s challenge well but I felt the outcome was too much. The face was too glittery and the colors were intense.

Makeup by Hadjira

Makeup by Hadjira

The weakest were Lina Zoghaib and Raffle. Lina’s work was very amateur and it wasn’t clean around the eyes. It was completely out of her element and that’s what I love about this competition. It pushes talents in directions they never thought they’d take and it brings the best and worst in them. Hard luck for Lina in this competition, with a little more practice, I have no doubt she will be great.

Makeup by Lina Zoghaib

Makeup by Lina Zoghaib

Raffle on the other hand needs a canvas to draw on. Faces restrict her work as she has a very theatrical approach to her makeup. This is good creativity but not for your every day clients. I can’t wait to see how Raffle will evolve in the upcoming challenges.

Makeup by Raffle

Makeup by Raffle

Each week carries a tougher challenge than the week after. Stay tuned for next week’s post after the “Barbie’s Makeup” or watch me judge the contestants live every Sunday between 12 – 2pm Dubai local time on MBC1 TV.


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Makeup competition by FACES on MBC TV!

Every Sunday on MBC TV, Sabah Al Kheir Ya Arab, FACES will be hosting a show where young talents compete to win the title of being the official makeup artist for FACES. Each week there will be a theme that the contestants should follow. I have had the pleasure to be invited as one of three judges on this weekly reality tv competition.

Below is the intro episode for this beautiful competition that aired Sunday 12th May.

This weeks theme was “Dreamy Bridal”. I can’t wait to share with you the results!

I look forward to learning interesting techniques and to find an incredible talent to work with on my upcoming projects. Above all, I love everything that brings out the best in people and that supports talent.

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AIISHA launches: I by Aiisha “Mirror”

I finally launched my first ever high-end ready-to-wear line I by Aiisha and little did I know it would take the Middle East by storm! Women are hungry for pieces with class and quality for everyday and I’m giving it to them. After realeasing our I by Aiisha video campaign for our collection titled “Mirror” with celebrities Joelle Mardinian, Asma Lmnawar, Mohamad Abuobeid and Arjan Bajwa, it was time to give Dubai a real taste of my new line.

The story of this line is about women’s individuality and evolution. With simplistic lines, statement colours and structured fit, this line suits women with differing needs, backgrounds and tastes. Specifically, the ‘Mirror’ collection reveals the 2 sides of every story and multitude of characters that each person can embody.










Our vision for the brand came to life with support from the Infiniti Centre, part of the Arabian Automobiles Co. A powerful, luxurious and classy brand, these same elements are incorporated within our ‘Mirror’ collection. Months of hard work and planning was facilitated with the cutting edge technology of the Blackberry Z10. Wella Koleston crowned the models and Asma Lmnawar’s hair with trendy hair styles reflected in clean lines of perfection. Revlon was a trendsetter painting the models nails with black French manicure on nude base.


Revlon also touched the models faces and Asma Lmnawar’s with brushes of beauty marking fierce cat eyes on structured nude faces. 5 star catering DISH and Voss water from Norway treated invitees with a refined taste and refreshing water.






Select invitees received their invitations with a special treat that made their hearts beat so fact! A beautiful La Prairie gift bag!

La Prairie

Finally, I wish to thank my partners, press & media, family & friends for their amazing support! I couldn’t have done it without you.


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Mirror (A Prologue)


April 15th will mark the launch of my latest high-end Ready-to-Wear collection “I by Aiisha” under the title of “Mirror”. The launch will be in a form of a fashion show and a video campaign featuring celebrities from the Middle East, North Africa and Bollywood, who will attend the fashion show.

On that day, my guests and I will be surrounded by everything beautiful!


Infiniti G37 Convertible

This is a very special line to my heart and I’ll tell you its story after the fashion show. For now, I want to thank my partners, Infiniti (Arabian Automobiles), Blackberry, Wella, Revlon, La Prairie, Dish catering and VOSS water for their support.


Koleston Foam Hair Color

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