I by Aiisha – SS14 Primrose Path

While each person sees beauty in their own way, I see it in the surface of water and listen to it in the sound of wind hitting the tree branches. I take real pleasure in staring at human’s pupil and compare its beauty to a land with lines of rivers and mountains. I appreciate the complex process that results in a experiment of different colors.










This collection embraces the Primrose Path of everything beautiful I see, feel and breathe.

Like a movie in my head, I saw the high contrast of colors, characters experimenting with their bodies, one’s side and


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Anne-Solenne Hatte wears AIISHA

The beautiful French-Vietnamese actress Anne-Solenne Hatte was a grace to meet the last time I was in Paris for the Paris Fashion Week. She is kind, charismatic and genuinely beautiful. Above all, I adore her body type as she represents perfection with her real-woman slim yet rounded figure.

Anne-Solenne Hatte & Aiisha Ramadan

She has recently starred in a video clip of a song called Pauline by French singer Mat. In this video clip, she wore a beautiful AIISHA dress. Watching this video was like seeing my design from sketch to fantasy embedding all the beautiful details that I … Read more...

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Updates (Beirut, Dubai)



I did take a long time to update my blog, during which, I visited Lebanon.

Apart from the great Spring weather and incredible food we had during the visit, Aiisha Fashion line is selling in Beirut now.

The prestigious Le Balcon des Créateurs, located in Gemayzé Street and at ABC Achrafieh (Lebanese Corner) is carrying a selective line by Aiisha. This is a big step for my label in reaching a more diverse, sophisticated crowd.

ABC Website

ABC Website

If you’re in Beirut, residing or visiting, give Le Balcon des Créateurs a visit, not only to see my collection, but to … Read more...

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