Raya Abirached wears AIISHA to the Golden Globes 2013

Today I celebrate my 30th birthday.

Little did I know that at 30 I’ll be having a life full of challenges, happiness and success.

Its a formula that each and every one of this email’s readers has participated in. Thank you.

My first received gift was seeing Raya Abirached wearing AIISHA last night at the Golden Globes 2013. The dress witnessed a major public affection as I sat down last night reading all the tweets.

Raya Abirached wears AIISHA
Raya wore a Couture champagne silk dress with a 3D beaded shoulder and looked like a Golden Globes winner herself. She was breath taking, magical and simply stunning!

Raya Abirached - Golden Globes 2013-1-
Raya Abirached is the Middle East’s sweetheart ambassador with her TV program Scoop and Arab’s Got Talent. You can follow Raya on twitter @Rayascoop

Thank you Raya for choosing AIISHA!

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Aiisha on BBC World

Few months ago I was hunting for a place to rent in Lebanon, Beirut, and make it my second hub. The plan is still going on, though postponed a bit. However, meanwhile, watch the report that the BBC World had me featured in:


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About the Love Affair

“Aiisha’s Love Affair show took me on a magical and unimaginable journey. I was so taken by Aiisha’s unique talent, her amazing designs, the use of color and overall story telling brought to life through the beautiful models chosen for the show. This was a prefect story that instantly made me fall in love with Aiisha’s collection and her show on Ice.”

Monica Moghab, Brand PR Beauty Manager, Procter & Gamble (Arabian Peninsula)

Keeping my personal relation with Aiisha aside,i was very proud of her as a Dubai-based designer for having gone hand in hand with Victoria Cazal in order to achieve ”LOVE AFFAIR”
the designs were a true reflection of Aisha’s personality : sophisticated and yet very simple

Graziella Kamel, Dubai TV Presenter
I’m really honoured to attend you latest fashion show, practically speaking, i can find the right word to describe what i felt and what i saw …

that’s not a fashion show! it was much bigger than that, it was a tremendous event were beauty and feelings and art worked hand in hand and showed every one the new concept and methods of fashion but in Aiisha’s way!

this event broke all the records that you had before, its a milestone for your next moves and i’m more than sure that you will surprise everyone .

this not a complement and i’m not over exaggerating  .. that’s simply what i felt. and as i always use to tell you before since we were kids.. a brilliant future is waiting for u AIISHA !!

Wassim Najjar, A Childhood friend

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